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FRESH CUT® Liquid Forage Preservative

FRESH CUT® Liquid preservative is used to preserve the quality of baled hay, even when baled at higher moisture. By reducing mold growth, the application of FRESH CUT Liquid reduces dry matter losses and maintains nutrient value in stored hay and straw used in feed ration. This can also result in less dust due to molds.1

By controlling mold growth, FRESH CUT Liquid can limit the production of excessive heat in baled hay. This prevents browning (Maillard reaction), nutrient losses and risk of combustion (fire).

Hay baled at high moisture is less subject to leaf shatter, so more leaves are retained during the baling process. This produces higher Relative Forage Quality (RFQ) forages. Also, with the flexibility to bale at higher moisture levels, this increases the window of opportunity to harvest in less than ideal weather. And, treating hays with FRESH CUT Liquid improves color, reduces odor and maintains nutritive value.

Multiple acids and antioxidants combinations allow reduced dose rates when compared to the use of propionic acid alone.

  % Moisture FRESH CUT Liquid
Small Square Bales 25% or less 2.0
Stacker 25% or less 3.0
Large Round Bales 20% or less 3.0
Large Round Bales (1 tonne) 20% or less 3.0
Crop Residue 25% or less 4.0

Do not treat or store chopped hay or any hay over 25% moisture.



1Coblentz, W., P. Hoffman, D. Undersander. 2008. Heat Damaged Forages; Effects on Forage Quality. University of Wisconsin Extension. Focus on Forage. 10(8).

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