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ENDOX® Brand Antioxidants

Synthetic, dry antioxidant systems developed specifically for livestock feed.


  • A blend of synthetic antioxidants – including butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT), butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA) and ethoxyquin (EQ)
  • Chelator - to prevent the initial formation of free radicals
  • Surfactant - to ensure the antioxidant molecules and the free radicals react accordingly
  • Oil-based carrier - to ensure a complete mix in the fat



  • Specifically formulated dry antioxidant system to provide maximum protection from the oxidation of fats and oils in feed.


Application Rate:

  • Recommended feeding level (calculated based on 3% supplemented for diet) is a minimum of 125 g/tonne. Usage may vary based upon the level of fat in the complete feed.



  • Powerful blend of synthetic antioxidants.
  • A complete antioxidant system.
  • Added surfactant provides adequate distribution of the active components throughout the feed mixture.
  • Provides protection against degradation of fat soluble vitamins in feed.

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