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The world’s population is continually growing, with a consequently increased demand for fresh, safe and cost-effective sources of animal proteins. As a result, the need for high-quality fish feed and premix solutions to keep up sustainable fish farming has grown. Producers, like fish feed and premix producers as well as shrimp and fish farmers, rely on solutions and technologies that can help them profitably manage their business. They're supported by feedstuffs suppliers or farming advisors, with solutions including ingredients that facilitate pond management, disease management, gut health management and raw material management.

At Kemin, we have deep consumer insights as well as expertise in inspired molecular solutions. We apply the concepts of our innovative animal nutrition and health products and services to newly launched Kemin AquaScienceTM, a dedicated team of experts who serve the aquaculture industry. This global team is working toward continuous innovation as the industry shifts from wild-catch to farmed fish and shrimp, bringing products and solutions that address the needs in aquaculture, feed production and fishmeal stabilization, while preparing the industry to face the challenges of tomorrow.


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Here are some ways Kemin works toward better aquaculture solutions for all professionals in the industry. Reach out to us if you have questions or need more information.

Fish and Shrimp Feed Additives and Feed Management in Aquaculture

Fish and shrimp must be sustained with high-quality aqua feed that's safe, healthy and nutritious, which is why Kemin AquaScience serves not only the fish and shrimp feed and premix producers, but farmers alike. To best serve an industry focused on sustainable fish farming and solutions promoting the healthy growth of shrimp, we offer a wide range of aquaculture solutions from digestive enzymes and nutrient absorption enhancers, to antimicrobials and antioxidants, to antibiotic-free growth promoters, pellet binders and more.


Kemin AquaScience aims to help overcome a number of hurdles feed mills are now facing. Aquafeed and feed ingredients are rich in nutrients, which invites microbial and oxidative spoilage, significantly impacting cost and quality. Protecting aqua feed and feed ingredients is important for aquatic species. Kemin is dedicated to providing the industry with safe solutions to overcome these challenges.

Kemin has developed its expertise to provide on-farm solutions based on water, soil and environmental factors to overcome a number of hurdles and optimize the growth, performance and survival of aqua species. Kemin AquaScience offers aqua farmers immune and gut health enhancers, probiotics, feed digestion enhancers and minerals to support the health and nutrition of their aqua species. We also provide water quality enhancers and other environmental essentials.

Improving health conditions is vital for the survival of aquatic species. Some aquatic species, such as crustaceans, lack immune organs and require natural solutions to protect them from disease challenges. Kemin offers products for antibiotic and residue-free aqua production, which will help enhance the immunity of aqua species and improve survival, designed to result in better economic returns.


Providing Services to the Aquaculture Industry

Kemin is a market leader with an established safety record and the regulatory approvals necessary to provide quality products to aqua feed and feed ingredient customers. Our rigorous quality control and regulatory approach demonstrates our commitment to safety, sustainability and science. We've been developing solutions for the animal production industry since 1961, and we're ready to turn our focus on research and innovation in the aquaculture industry, providing dedicated resources to help our customers better manage their challenges and achieve profitable production:

·       Technical Service Team: A dedicated team of aquaculture experts to discuss with you how to successfully implement our products in the most effective way. This team of experts serves as liaisons between our laboratories and sales teams across the globe, providing ongoing support and information on key topics like market trends, product efficacy and shelf-life, inclusion rates, product recommendations and protocol development.

·     Customer Laboratory Services (CLS): A dedicated team of scientists working on your side to help you identify problem areas and confirm product efficacy throughout all phases of the purchasing and product usage process. Our dedicated analytical laboratory team can provide testing for potential harmful agents like mold and mycotoxins and share valuable knowledge to enable customers to improve quality and overall performance.

·     Product Application Department (PAD): Comprised of trusted, reliable engineers, the PAD department has years of industry experience to help you achieve the precise application of liquid ingredients. PAD engineers are dedicated to designing application systems and overseeing system fabrication, installation, training and maintenance. We'll assist you in applying these products to your specific system for the highest success rate.

Certain statements may not be applicable in all geographical regions. Product labeling and associated claims may differ based upon government requirements.

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