Mold Inhibitors

For over 40 years, Kemin has been the market leader in providing products and solutions to control profit-robbing mold in grain, feed ingredients and complete animal feed. When Kemin launched Myco CURB® Liquid, it was not just an evolutionary product, it was revolutionary. The unique blend of buffered organic acids, surfactants and antioxidants provided producers and feed manufacturers with technology to preserve feed regardless of weather and storage conditions.

Since the launch of Myco CURB Liquid, Kemin has continued to innovate mold inhibitor technology. Our research and development team formulated Myco CURB® Dry, a low-dust granular mold inhibitor with the same multiple acid technology found in Myco CURB Liquid. The granulation process results in a product with low odor but without the powerful smell of other mold control products.

Another superior product offered by Kemin is CURB® RM Extra Liquid. A blend of formaldehyde and propionic acid, CURB RM is designed to protect feed and feed ingredients from mold development. When used in concert with Kemin-designed equipment, CURB RM is a safe and efficacious mold inhibitor.

In Canada, Kemin has two other concentrated organic acids:

  • Feed CURB® Dry, a blend of four organic acids with a guaranteed concentration of 42% propionic acid. This product is specifically designed for livestock and poultry feed but can also inhibit wild yeast and mold when used in a total mixed ration (TMR).
  • No Mold 85 Liquid, is a highly concentrated liquid mold inhibitor for processed feed ingredients and livestock feed. No Mold Liquid is buffered to prevent metal corrosion and to protect employees from injury when they accidentally come in contact with this product.

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