Preserving Feed Quality

Protecting fat quality in finished feeds is essential to protect your feed investment. Oxidation effects on fat quality can reduce animal performance and lower your operations profitability. Oxidation of fats in feed is an irreversible, naturally occurring process where fatty acids are attacked by free radicals and oxygen is absorbed. The oxidation process is initiated and amplified by the exposure of fat in the feed to oxygen, metal ions, heat, enzymes and light. Through the oxidative process harmful byproducts are produced including peroxides and aldehydes. The effects these byproducts can have in your system include:

  • Destruction of fat soluble vitamins in the feed
  • Reduced digestibility of the feed
  • Reduced palatability and feed consumption
  • Increased exposure to toxic compounds, which may reduce animal productivity
  • Reduced energy contant present in the feed
  • Increased exposure to free radicals, which may lead to internal oxidative stress concerns
  • Negative impact on gut health, which can lead to furniture immunity challenges


Protecting your fat from the negative impacts of oxidation is important to protect your investment. The Kemin antioxidants systems were specifically formulated to protect an dstabilize your fat and feeds. Through the Kemin system, all antioxidants were developed with:

  • Synergistic blend of antioxidants to absorb free radicals before they destroy fatty acids
  • Metal chelators to bind metal ions, which may promote free radical oxidation
  • Oil-based carriers to better mix with fat molecules


Kemin provides antioxidant solutions for fats, oils and finished feed to protect against the degredation of fat quality from oxidation.

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