Kemin is a leading manufacturer of petfood palatants and our portfolio begins with PALASURANCE. As our flagship line of palatants for all types of petfood products, we designed PALASURANCE products to deliver the level of palatability that the India pet food industry and consumers have come to expect.

Palatability of Petfood Products

While a companion animal’s sense of taste differs greatly from our own, our pets have their own preferences for quality food. The palatability of pet food depends on many factors, including the freshness of ingredients, the texture, size and shape of the kibble and especially the application of palatants for pet foods. As a manufacturer of petfood palatants, Kemin understands taste at the molecular level, and we design palatability enhancers to optimize petfood flavor and pet acceptance.

Pet Satisfaction Assured

Indian consumers increasingly believe that their pets are full-fledged family members. Companion animals provide joy, comfort and unconditional love and pet parents are willing to invest in nutrition and taste comparable in quality to what they feed themselves. Improving the palatability of petfood products can achieve better mealtime experiences. With better palatability, the bond between the pet and pet parent is enforced.

PALASURANCE® as a Palatability Enhancer

Kemin is a leading manufacturer of petfood palatants and our portfolio begins with PALASURANCE. As our flagship line of palatants for all types of petfood products, we designed PALASURANCE products to deliver the level of palatability that the industry and consumers have come to expect. With a variety of performance levels available in this product line, every customer can find a price range to meet their specific needs. Kemin’s Raw Material Risk Assessment (RMRA) is in place throughout the process to ensure that the quality of ingredients meets the standards and preferences of petfood manufacturers, pet owners, and most importantly—the pets.





While palatability enhancers can be applied to any type of pet food, they are primarily used on dry pet foods that are otherwise not as palatable as wet or canned pet foods. The PALASURANCE line of palatants for dog foods and cat foods was designed to appeal to the taste and aroma preferences of cats and dogs to contribute to the overall consumption of dry petfood diets.

  • Available as a palatant in both dry and liquid forms for cat food and dog food
  • Formulated to deliver desired level of palatability on the surface of kibble
  • Can conform to ingredient restrictions and customer label requirements
  • Backed by quality control standards and verification
  • Produced at facilities in the United States, Brazil and Italy

PALASURANCE for Treats and Supplements

As pets are further integrated into the family unit, the role of treats has expanded beyond an effective training tool. Pet parents use treats as a way of bonding with their dog and cat to increase the overall satisfaction and quality of life of their animal. PALASURANCE palatants are effectively used to coat the outside of treats to enhance palatability. Concentrated PALASURANCE bases are also available to include in a dry mix or treat recipe before extrusion, injection, baking or other manufacturing processes.

Companion animals continue to live longer and experience age-related health issues, and pet parents are increasingly willing to invest in their pet’s health. In the pet food industry pet longevity is correlated to a demand in pet food and supplements with functional benefits that address conditions related to mobility, digestion, brain aging, and vision. Kemin manufactures petfood palatants because palatability is a key to pets’ acceptance of supplements (often in tablet form) that are vital for their well-being. Kemin’s PALASURANCE line of granulated palatants offer excellent pressability and can be used in various tableting applications.

  • Concentrated bases suitable for inclusion in a dry mix, treat formulations and wet pet food
  • Available in granulated forms for tableting applications
  • Can conform to the desired ingredient restrictions and labeling for customers
  • Backed by quality control standards and verification

Enhancing Palatability with pH-Adjuster Palatants and Acidifying Ingredients

The use of acidifying ingredients to address mold growth in petfood products can be challenging, primarily due to palatability issues. Kemin manufactures pH-adjuster palatants to provide a multi-benefit solution by combining a patent-pending technology that delivers natural acidifiers to adjust pH levels in petfood products with a palatant to ensure desired palatability.

Can a pH-adjuster palatant increase the palatability of pet food with the same efficacy of traditional palatants?

Extensive testing has shown that a pH-adjuster palatant can deliver equal (parity) palatability when compared to cat or dog foods made with a standard palatant. These results are achieved by the selection and combination of unique ingredients; the result is the proper balance between taste, flavor and stability.

Add PALASURANCE to Your Palatability Assurance Program

When creating a winning brand, you need a trusted partner that not only understands the ingredients but also the raw materials at the molecular level. That's Kemin. Contact Kemin India today to see how PALASURANCE can provide superior palatability and aroma performance while also helping to maintain freshness and extend shelf-life.

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