KEMZYME®: Enzymes to increase feed digestibility and reduce poultry production cost   

KEMZYME® portfolio of Kemin provides a unique solution of carbohydrases with debranching enzymes and sustained release amylase to enhance the use of complex feed matrix. Enzymes promote efficient animal production by increasing feed digestibility: they assist in breaking down complex and varying substrates coming either from rations including a variety of alternative raw materials. Most importantly, enzymes have become an important tool for producers to enhance the nutritional efficiency and to reduce poultry production cost in today’s economic and environmental conditions.   

Enzymes in Kemzyme® XPF improve feed use and poultry performance   

The presence of non-starch polysaccharides (NSP) in plant-based feeds reduces the digestibility and limits the apparent metabolizable energy (AME) of feed ingredients used in animal diets. Be it corn-soy diet or multi ingredient diet, the non-starch polysaccharides vary about 12-15% in any formulation. Among the NSPs, cellulose, xylans, arabinoxylans, beta glucans, mannans, pectic oligosaccharides and uronic acid are the predominant compounds. The proportion of NSPs in the diet demands a comprehensive approach to acquire maximum energy from the feed while minimizing the ill effects.  

To overcome issues of non-starch polysaccharides and improve both feed use and poultry performance, Kemzyme XPF was developed with a combination of exogenous and endogenous enzymes. The comprehensive enzyme solution delivers a novel concept of Xylanase Potentiating Factor (XPF) and Sustained Release Amylase (SRA) to enhance the efficiency of supplementary exogenous and endogenous enzymes.

Xylanase Potentiating Factor (XPF) is a group of debranching enzymes for poultry, which help in degrading the complex structure of arabinoxylan and enable superior efficacy of exogenous xylanase and other carbohydrases. Similarly, SRA enhances the starch digestion in the extended parts of intestine by fortifying the effect of endogenous and exogenous amylase.

Benefits of KEMZYME® XPF

  • Enhance the energy efficiency of diets
  • Increases the weight of poultry and reduces feed conversion
  • Improves gut integrity by reducing viscosity, gut pH etc
  • Substitutes energy from formulation to reduce feed cost
  • Increases egg production and reduces feed conversion



KEMZYME® XPF ADVANCE – A concentrated enzyme combination to improve the performance of poultry diets

Kemzyme XPF Advance is a concentrated source of exogenous and endogenous carbohydrases, with the fortified benefits of XPF, SRA and Coated Compound Protease to improve performance of poultry diets. The fortified compounds with carbohydrases release amino acids from the ration by minimizing the cage effect of complex substrates and help in acquiring superior energy.



  • Enhances the energy and protein efficiency of the diet
  • Substitutes energy and amino acids from formulation to reduce feed cost

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