Kemzyme® XPF Advance          

Kemzyme® XPF advance is multiple NSP enzyme solution that delivers a novel concept of Xylanase Potentiating Factor (XPF), Sustained Release Amylase (SRA).

Arabinoxylans, Beta glucans, Mannans & Cellulose are the major component of the NSP.  A comprehensive multi NSP approach can maximize metabolizable energy & minimize the antinutritional factors efficiently.  

How KEMZYME XPF ADvance works 

Xylanase with Xylanase Potentiating Factor (XPF) have action on both straight and branched chain arabinoxylans present in feed raw material. Sustain release amylase (SRA) is coated to withstand the acidity of proventriculus and gizzard and delivers amylase to jejunum for increasing the starch digestion. Kemzyme® XPF advance also contains beta glucans, mannanase & cellulose enzymes for efficient NSP breakdown.

The presence of non-starch polysaccharides (NSP) in plant-based feeds reduces the digestibility and apparent metabolizable energy (AME). NSP (Non-starch polysaccharides) vary in range of 10-12% for most of broiler feed formulations. 

Benefits of KEMZYME XPF Advance

  • Substitutes up to 100 kcal energy from formulation to reduce feed cost
  • Flexibility to use alternate protein sources in diet
  • Enhance the energy efficiency of diets
  • Improves gut integrity by reducing viscosity, gut pH etc





Kemzyme® Protease is patented multi-protease having thermostable acid, alkaline and neutral proteases with innovative enteric coating leading to improved protein & amino acid digestibility. Kemzyme® Protease works efficiently on vegetable & animal origin protein sources.

Protein is one of the costliest components of feed formulation. Increasing the digestibility of proteins using Kemzyme® Protease is effective approach for cost optimization and reducing nitrogen excretion.



Kemzyme® Protease is active through gastrointestinal tract the innovative enteric coating releases different protease according to the pH condition.

Kemzyme Protease



  • Improvement in digestibility of amino acids
  • Feed reformulation up to 5% digestible amino acid
  • Flexibility to use alternate protein sources in diet
  • Improvement in meat quality

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