A Closer Look: MP Lysine for Dairy Cattle

Getting the Most Out of Your Lysine

This e-book provides an in depth look at lysine and how this essential amino acid can help achieve maximum milk production to lower break-even costs and increase profit. A Closer Look: MP Lysine for Dairy Cattle helps readers understand how the variability in the quality of the byproducts and commodities often used to meet MP Lysine requirements, such as blood meal, can impact the amount of MP Lysine available to the animal, which affects the operation's bottom line. Additionally, it assists with comparing the characteristics necessary to effectively evaluate rumen protected lysine sources. This information is broken down into three sections:

  • Section 1: The Importance of MP Lysine in Dairy Production
  • Section 2: The Impact of Blood Meal Variability on Dairy Production and Profitability
  • Section 3: Comparing Rumen Protected Lysine Products

A review of the economics indicates that cost-effective increases in milk production not only boosts milk income, it also reduces costs, increasing profits. One cost-effective way to maximize milk production is ensuring MP Lysine requirements are met. The difficulty lies in meeting these requirements and doing so in a cost-effective fashion. Variability in feed ingredient quality leads to missed requirements in some cases and over paying for ingredients in others. These issues, and possible ways to deal with them, are all addressed in this e-book available for reading online or as a PDF download.

Read the e-book, A Closer Look: MP Lysine for Dairy Cattle, and learn how variable your feed ingredients may be, some options for dealing with this variability and what impact they have on profitability.