Aleta™ Means Immune Response

Aleta™ is a  highly bioavailable immunomodulator offering a high and consistent concentration of linear Beta 1,3 Glucan to improve immunity and animal performance. Aleta provides a consistent ROI in situations of disease and stress, especially in situations that are typically addressed with antibiotics.

Unlike yeast products - which contain only 5 to 15 percent Beta Glucan and require extraction from an indigestible cell wall - Aleta is produced from a unique alga (Euglena gracilis) containing a high concentration of linear Beta Glucan. These algal cells are highly digestible, making Aleta’s Beta Glucan bioavailable without extraction.

How Aleta Works

Aleta has a clear mode of action at the molecular level of the active ingredient. In contrast, many different components of competitive products have less clear modes of action.

How Aleta Works

Aleta Features

  • Higher concentration compared to yeast based Beta Glucan
  • Linear 1,3 Beta Glucan from algae has much superior immune response compared with 1,6 Beta Glucan of yeast derived
  • Standardized and quantifiable Beta Glucan
  • Highly bioavailable Beta Glucan
  • More consistent immunomodulator activity
  • Safe product (no dioxin, ionophore contamination) 

Aleta Benefits

  • Improves immunity
  • Helps animal to resist disease
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Increase production performance parameters
    • Feed conversion ratio
    • Body weight  
    • Reduction in mortality
  • Improves gut health
  • Reduces heat stress and other stress

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