Color And Freshness IN Meat And Poultry 

When it comes to meat and poultry, color changes are linked to specific oxidation chemistry. Most consumers base their protein buying decisions on a fresh appearance and equate appealing color with quality and freshness. Since consumers make their purchase decisions based color, manufacturers have a challenge, when it comes to maintaining a fresh appearance.

Challenge: Retaining fresh colour

Solution: Kemin colour protection solutions (acerola, rosemary, green tea extracts and blends)

Typical applications: Ground meats and fresh meats


Retain Color For Meat & Poultry Products

Kemin products like our Acerola cherry (Malpighia emarginata) extract and blends are effective at delaying the oxidation of the iron ion in the myoglobin molecule.

Kemin Acerola cherry extract:

  • A rich source of ascorbic acid
  • A label-friendly alternative backed by science


Kemin Acerola extract blends (combined with rosemary and green tea extracts):

  • Even more effective at delaying discolorations
  • Delay both lipid and myoglobin oxidation
  • Slow down the onset of color loss
  • Maintain the desirable color of meat products