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At Kemin, we hire a variety of different roles from research and development to production and engineering. Read more about the teams at Kemin and what it is like to work in them.

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R&D, Research and Development

Research and Development
Combining Creativity and Science to Improve Lives.
The Kemin Research and Development (R&D) department believes that smart, dedicated, inquisitive people given the freedom to explore can generate amazing results. Our R&D scientists are a big part of why Kemin business units today offer more than 500 ingredients that, through the power of science, improve the quality of life for people and animals around the world.

Overcoming Customer Challenges, Making New Discoveries
Whether you enjoy overcoming challenges to achieve a defined goal or exploring new frontiers while not exactly sure what you’ll find (or some of both), Kemin R&D is a great place for you. Our scientists frequently use their talent and teamwork skills to solve customer challenges. We also give R&D scientists freedom to explore their hunches and intuition and use imagination and creativity in ways that can lead to discovery of new processes and life-improving ingredients.
If you have a passion for using the power of science to improve people’s lives, explore opportunities in Kemin R&D in the following roles

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Operations, manufaturing, product


Putting Scientific Theory into Profitable Practice
Kemin Operations literally makes things happen. Operations employees play the critical role of creating and executing the processes that transform scientific breakthroughs into products that drive revenue. Operations professionals take great pride in the company’s reputation for manufacturing consistent, efficacious, and exceptional-quality products.

High Tech and Hands-On
Many of our advanced manufacturing jobs involve using and maintaining high-tech machines and devices. Kemin frequently trains operations employees in new skills as we incorporate new technology that helps safeguard quality or improve efficiency. The operations team handles our manufacturing end-to-end — from maintaining relationships with suppliers to working with distributors who get finished product out the door.
Kemin is always looking for operations employees who take pride in making products that improve the lives of billions of people around the world.

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Using Efficiency and Innovation to Improve Products and Processes
Kemin Engineering uses science and creativity to bring efficiency and innovation to product development, laboratory functions, and manufacturing processes. Kemin engineers work in cross-functional teams with the research and development and operations departments where their expertise greatly contributes to achieving company goals. Our engineering professionals are critical in bringing unsurpassed products, value, and service to Kemin customers.

Jobs at Multiple Levels and Specialties
Our engineering team includes chemical and process engineers and experts in product application, supply chain management, and campus utility and maintenance. Engineering team members routinely work with the latest technology to build, install, repair, and maintain various application equipment, and integrate technology into customer processing systems.
Kemin Engineering is a great fit for people who enjoy using their skills, experiences, and insight as part of a team that transforms plans into reality and continuously improve process quality and efficiency.

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customer service

Customer Service

Nurturing and Protecting our Valued Customer Relationships
At Kemin, our customer service team consists of highly professional, outgoing, and proactive members who nurture our valued relationships with customers. From ensuring the timely delivery of orders to trouble shooting inquiries and concerns, our customer service team is highly dedicated to delivering the best service on behalf of the company.

The Voice of Kemin
You might say behind every great sales team is an equally great customer service team, and that is something we pride ourselves on at Kemin! Customer service members are often the voice of our company, supporting our mission of acting in partnership with our customers to fulfill their needs and exceed expectations. We look for proactive people who are committed to not only establishing and maintaining relationships, but going the extra mile for our customers.
Are you an outgoing, detail-oriented problem solver that loves working with others?

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Spreading the Word
The most life-improving products and services in the world aren’t any good if nobody knows about them. Kemin Marketing helps spread the word, both internally and externally, in ways that drive sales, improve employee satisfaction, and build brand loyalty and equity.

Communication is at the heart of every successful relationship. That’s why Kemin Marketing uses the variety of talents required for successful communication — including analysis, strategy, research, and content creation— to strengthen our customer relationships and drive growth.

Building the Brand
Marketing also builds and protects the Kemin brand so it always stands for exceptional quality, outstanding customer service, and leading-edge molecular science that improves people’s lives.

We have positions in corporate marketing that encompass a wide range of specializations from information management to market research as well as product marketing within any of our 13 divisions. If you enjoy working on a collaborative team that uses all the many specialties within marketing to engage customers and employees and enhance business relationships, Kemin Marketing wants to talk to you.

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Salt, RW Sales

Using Products and Services to Solve Customer Problems
Rather than bludgeon customers with endless facts and features about products, Kemin sales representatives listen as much as they talk. We first search for customer pain points. Then use our expertise and insights to deliver products and services that help customers ease their pains in ways that increase their profits.
Providing Customer Contact and Insight

Our sales professionals are the face of Kemin to their customers. Not only do sales representatives personally tend to our customer relationships, they provide our company with invaluable insight into customer challenges. That insight helps us develop products and services that customers will buy.
If your sales philosophy is to first learn your customers’ challenges and then offer the most cost-effective products and services to overcome those challenges, and you are looking for a lifelong career, then Kemin sales is the right place for you!

Sales representatives earn an annual salary with uncapped incentives. Most of our sales representatives work remotely with opportunities to visit their regional headquarters for collaborative training and meetings. We strongly value a background in science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM), which would prepare you for our specialized sales positions.

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environmental health and safety

Environmental Health & Safety
Protecting Employees and the Environment
Employee health and safety is the top priority for Kemin. Not only does a safe, healthy workplace prevent painful injuries and illness, but Kemin recognizes it’s also good for business. The safe way to do a task is always the most cost-effective way over the long term. Likewise, Kemin understands that caring for the environment through eco-friendly practices and compliance with regulations contributes to the health and happiness of our employees and is the only way to make our business sustainable for generations to come.

Focus on Prevention with Readiness for Emergencies
The Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) department is responsible for designing, implementing and constantly improving programs and practices that protect the health of our employees and the environment. EHS also develops plans to allow for immediate and effective response to any health, safety and environmental emergencies.
Kemin EHS relies on employees who are passionate about protecting others and the environment for all the right moral, ethical and business reasons.

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Legal & Regulatory Affairs

Legal & Regulatory Affairs
A foundation toward long term success
A company like Kemin, which uses molecular science to create new products and processes, depends upon Legal and Regulatory Affairs to safeguard and maximize the value of the scientific breakthroughs and discoveries that fuel our many business units.

The legal team works closely with the scientific team to secure patents, trademarks, and copyrights to ensure that Kemin maximizes long-term profit from its intellectual property portfolio. The legal team drafts and negotiates agreements with a number of business and academic entities to protect many aspects of global business operations.
Protecting and supporting new product innovation

Regulatory Affairs (RA) professionals manage the master formulation databases, all associated documentation, and determine the regulatory status of ingredients and products based on their intended application in various markets. RA spearheads the Process for Regulatory Innovation (PRI) across Kemin by building dossiers for new uses of existing products in order to achieve timely registration and approval through more than 100 different government agencies around the globe. The RA team supports the safety and efficacy of Kemin products and works to provide detailed information including product specifications, labeling, and safety data sheets to help our customers successfully sell their products in every corner of the globe.

Global expertise with local presence
Legal and Regulatory Affairs is led by Libby Nelson, Vice President and General Counsel, and daughter of Kemin founders, RW and Mary Nelson. The entire legal and regulatory affairs team of more than 50 professionals around the world shares Libby’s commitment to serve customers with expert legal and regulatory advice on the safety and efficacy of our vast product portfolio.

A career in legal and regulatory affairs at Kemin could be for you if you desire to secure intellectual property, obtain product registrations and interface with a variety of government agencies for feed, pet food, human food, pharmaceuticals/medical devices, dietary ingredients or personal care product applications.

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Fueling the Engine of Growth
Behind every successful business you’ll find a finance team that goes beyond simply balancing the books. Kemin financial experts excel at planning, analyzing and offering proactive insight and advice on the best way to use capital to fuel our growth.

Kemin Finance adheres to the highest accounting principles and ethics in day-to-day operations and continuously advises business units on costs associated with projects, investments, acquisitions and product launches.

Have a Big Impact on the Bigger Picture
The finance team exemplifies the company’s family-owned values and culture. We highly value the input, expertise and diverse viewpoints of all team members. Finance is a place where you can have a major impact on the long-term growth and success of our entire enterprise.

If you have a passion for going beyond reporting the numbers to proactively investigating what can be learned from financial data, the Kemin Finance team could be a great professional home.

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Catalysts for Excellence and Efficiency
Kemin runs on teamwork and collaboration. In no place is that more evident than our Administration department, where employees play a key role in helping others reach their maximum effectiveness.

Logistics, Operations and Supply Professionals
Our administrative assistants are experts in using a wide array of interpersonal and technology skills to organize everything from complex executive schedules to the flow of office supplies. They excel at problem solving and communicating with fellow Kemin team members as well as customers, vendors and suppliers. They also use the latest office technology to administer various ongoing programs, processes and initiatives.

Kemin uses their unique talents — to solve problems and master details — in ways that make an invaluable contribution to our business by enabling others to likewise focus their talents in the most productive way. Team members must be exceptionally trustworthy and have the ability to remain calm and strategic under pressure.

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Information Technology

Information Technology

Keeping the Information and Communication Flowing
As a global company, a fast, secure and dependable flow of data and communication is critical to business success. That’s why Kemin highly values Information Technology (IT) in our drive to achieve our mission and vision.

A Career on the Digital Leading Edge
Kemin is growing and evolving quickly, much like the IT world itself. We need IT pros who enjoy the challenge of rapid change and get excited about using their unique talents in collaboration with others to help us continuously improve through efficiency, innovation and responsiveness to customers.

If you’re a self-motivated person who’s passionate about the prospect of using technology to solve problems, seize opportunities, and power continuous improvement, then you’ll feel right at home on the Kemin IT team.

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Human Resources

Human Resources
Taking Care of Our Most Valuable Assets
Employees are the most valuable asset of any company. Kemin understands that finding and retaining talented employees who enjoy working for our company are critical for meeting our ambitious vision. Kemin Human Resources (HR) serves as a key business partner that collaborates with all business units to create and execute human resources plans and practices that drive our business forward.

Tapping into the Power of Talent
Kemin HR professionals are experts at finding top talent and fostering an engaging environment that inspires all employees to peak performance and long tenure. Constant learning is required of all employees as our business rapidly changes and evolves. The Kemin HR team provides a variety of internal and external training and development opportunities for employees to support their personal growth and development as well as deliver the succession plans Kemin needs to grow. Human Resources professionals who are dedicated to getting the right people in the right jobs to drive both employee satisfaction and extraordinary company results will find a great home at Kemin.

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