June 01,2021

Voyaging Beyond Oceans

Kemin Aquascience™ is voyaging beyond horizons, borders, and technology to bring you innovative molecular solutions for aquaculture. We're on a journey to create an equilibrium for present and future aquafarming challenges and to promote the industry shift from wild-caught to farmed fish. 

We are committed to providing inspired diversified aquaculture solutions, from digestive enzymes, nutrient absorption promoters, antibacterial agents, and antioxidants to antibiotic-free growth promoters, pellet adhesives, and more. Kemin will reach your shore with knowledge and expertise that goes beyond sustainability, bringing you insights into nutrition and feeding, genetic improvement, disease prevention and management, market trends, efficiency, and technological innovation.


Join us on the voyage to help raise the healthiest aqua species with better growth, uniformity, and economic returns. Join us in "Voyaging Beyond Oceans".