What's Happening in Your Fat Tank? Benefits of Antioxidants on Fat Quality

The oxidation process will compromise the quality of fats and oils, negatively impacting animal performance and consequently your economics. The use of an appropriate antioxidant, such as RENDOX® liquid, will assist to control and delay the start of the oxidation chain reaction. The nutritional value of feed is preserved when fats and oils are stabilised. Moreover, feed refusal is prevented, otherwise seen when rancid oils are used in animal diets.

Fat quality solutions start with the purchasing of good quality fat. However, high quality fat can easily degrade due to handling and storage conditions. The length and temperature of storage, and the mixing of different lipid sources all have direct implications on the beginning of oxidation process.

When implementing management practices to preserve fat quality, we often only focus on the length of time fat is exposed to pro-oxidative conditions, or on structural characteristics of the fat that make it seem resistant to oxidation. However, this practice does not consider the layer of fat residue, which coats the inside of the tank, or the sludge build-up at the bottom of the tank. These residues contain high amounts of free radicals, which, once mixed with new fat, disperse and immediately promote oxidation acting as pro-oxidants. This will compromise quality and nutritional value of oil and fats.

Treating fats and oils with a Kemin antioxidant system, as for instance all liquid RENDOX®, will prolong their quality, ensuring you receive the maximum value from your fat. Response to RENDOX treatment is directly linked with the application rate.

graphic induction point of lard stabilised with different dosages of RENDOX Plus Liquid

The results of this specific trial clearly show the benefits of stabilising all batches of fats and oils. Firstly, it shows that even a fat composed mainly of unsaturated fatty acid is sensitive to oxidation, while also demonstrating that the correct antioxidant program – even at a low dosage – is able to delay the induction of oxidation. The benefits of antioxidants on fat quality include longer shelf-life and stability of the lipid source, with a consequent preservation of their nutritional value.


Preserving Fat Quality

The oxidation of fat is an irreversible, naturally occurring process where fatty acids are attacked by free radicals and oxygen is absorbed. Initiated when fat is exposed to oxygen, metal ions, heat and light, this process results in a conversion of fatty acids into harmful by-products, including peroxides and aldehydes.

Fat oxidation is one of the major factors contributing to the reduction of animal feed quality, and it has a direct impact on animal health and performance, ultimately harming the financial bottom line.


To preserve fat quality, what should we do?

To give the best protection, an antioxidant system should contain a combination of the following:

  • Synergistic blend of antioxidants to absorb free radicals before they destroy fatty acids
  • Metal chelators to bind metal ions, which may promote free radical oxidation
  • Specifically designed carriers to better mix with fat molecules


However, not all fats are the same. Therefore, all lipid sources should not be treated with the same antioxidant!

To help producers cope with this, Kemin has conducted years of research to develop specific blends of antioxidant with or without ethoxyquin, always keeping the three key features listed above as guideline. You can be assured that Kemin has your antioxidant needs covered, regardless of your lipid source.


RENDOX - The Antioxidants in Liquid Form to Stabilise your Fats and Oils

RENDOX brand antioxidant can answer all your need for a liquid antioxidant. RENDOX are formulated respecting the 3 criteria described above to obtain a high performing antioxidant system. The blend of antioxidants contains a balanced mixture of synthetic actives and a chelator, all dissolved in a carrier that guarantee stability and mixability in an oily substrate. RENDOX can be formulated with ethoxyquin -RENDOX Plus liquid – or without ethoxyquin - RENDOX EQF.


RENDOX brand antioxidants are available in 25 kg plastic cans, 190 kg plastic barrel and 900 kg IBC.