Effective solutions for stabilization of fats and oils, premix, concentrated and finished feed

Preservation of feed and feed raw materials is important to each animal nutrition and health professional. Controlling the oxidation process starts with the purchasing of good quality raw materials and ends with appropriate handling and storage conditions. An efficient and complete antioxidant program tailored for specific matrices is therefore essential.

In search for a cost-effective solution to prevent the start or progression of oxidation, especially in poly unsaturated lipid profiles? Paradigmox® antioxidants consist of uniquely designed formulations based on the synergistic effect of polar and apolar antioxidants in combination with metal chelators. Paradigmox antioxidants are a complete line of liquid and dry antioxidants specially formulated to stabilize fats and oils, premix, concentrated and finished feed.  


Oxidation process is controlled and delayed which results in a longer shelf-life and improved stability

Preservation of both oxidative and nutritional value of your feed and feed raw material to obtain its maximum value

Paradigmox antioxidants are all ethoxyquin and butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA) free

Synthetic antioxidant component – butylhydroxytoluene (BHT) and semi-natural component propyl gallate are combined to an effective antioxidant product Paradigmox White

Paradigmox Blue offers effective synthetic free antioxidants solutions

Professional product application of different Paradigmox liquid solutions to meet your needs


Read more on how Paradigmox White can help to control the oxidation process in polyunsaturated and saturated animal feed lipids.


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