Natural Petfood Palatants

Initially considered a niche market, the natural petfood segment is growing, with a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR 2012-2017) of 43% for European petfood product launches containing a natural claim.1 In an independent survey of more than 2,500 pet owners in Europe, natural ingredients was ranked as one of the three most important product attributes to be considered when purchasing pet food.2 In response to this rapid growth, a number of European petfood manufacturers now have their own natural brand, specifi cally added for fl avor and aroma.

For over 25 years, Kemin has provided natural protection from oxidative damage in premium quality pet diets. Kemin can now also provide natural flavor addition to pet diets with PALTEVA - a new line of natural palatants.

PALTEVA: Features and benefits

  • Super-premium palatability
  • Naturally-sourced flavor with supporting regulatory documentation
  • Naturally stabilized and preserved
  • Backed by quality control standards and verification
  • Supported by technical laboratory and application services

Challenges in natural preservation

Providing super-premium flavor with natural ingredients is not the only challenge when designing a natural palatant. Most liquid palatability enhancers on the market are protected from microbial contamination with synthetic ingredients, such as potassium sorbate.

Without natural alternatives to synthetic preservatives, some natural palatant products are not protected at all, resulting in very short shelf life and more demand on the petfood manufacturer to manage inventory. Using Kemin’s expertise in natural petfood preservation, PALTEVA products are naturally protected from microbial contamination and maintain an adequate shelf life.

Figure 1: Palatability Performance of Liquid PALTEVA Palatant vs. a Super Premium Palatant in Canines3

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