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The start of each new lactation challenges a dairy cow’s ability to maintain the normal blood calcium level. Empowering your cow 20 day before calving with an acidogenic diet boosts your cow with more calcium in her bloodstream. This results in sound metabolic health and better milk yield after calving.

NutriCAB™ is a palatable encapsulated source of calcium chloride which facilitates easy calving with a reduction in hypocalcemia (milk fever) and associated metabolic disorders. This results in better cow health, peak milk yield and lactation persistency. 

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Provides a palatable source of anionic salt

Controls hygroscopicity; easy handling, storage and application at farm and factory level

Reduces urinary pH in 5 days post supplementation

Helps in smoother calving

Reduces incidences of milk fever, retained placenta and displaced abomasum

Helps in attaining optimum peak milk yield after calving and maintains better lactation persistency

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COW HEALTH - WHY? Hypocalcemia

Milk (colostrum) is very rich in calcium, and cows must quickly shift their priorities to adjust for this sudden calcium outflow right after calving. We see that the average blood calcium concentration declines heavily in second or greater lactation around calving. The lowest concentration of blood calcium around calving can trigger a cascade of negative events that ultimately reduce dry matter intake, increase metabolic diseases, and decrease milk yield.



NutriCAB is the concentrated source of encapsulated calcium chloride which has DCAD value of -13800 mEq/kg product. The product changes your cow’s blood pH towards slightly acidic condition because of chloride ion. The cow mobilizes more calcium from her bones in an attempt to buffer the acid in her bloodstream. In this way, the cow receives maximal calcium supply at the time of calving. NutriCAB supports in reducing incidences of hypocalcemia and milk fever which occur due to calcium deficiency.

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Kemin’s “Transition Cow Health Program” is supported by the most experienced nutritionists and veterinarians in the EMENA region. We have over 10 years of commercial feeding experience with NutriCAB. If you want to know more about DCAD balancing with a customized application of NutriCAB based on your cows’ need, please contact Kemin.

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