Effective natural solutions for stabilization of Feed and Feedstuffs

Today, consumers request more and more natural food products. This trend requires transparency throughout the complete process from farm to plate, including the animal rearing process and compound feed production. To meet today’s industry expectations, preservation of feed and feed raw materials is important to each animal nutrition and health professional. The use of natural additives becomes more important to control the oxidation process in feed. Naturox™ antioxidants is an efficient antioxidant portfolio, based on natural mixed tocopherols to meet your needs. Naturox antioxidants are a complete line of liquid and dry antioxidants specially formulated to stabilize fats and oils, premix, concentrated and finished feed. 


Oxidation process is controlled and delayed which results in a longer shelf-life and improved stability

Preservation of both oxidative and nutritional value of your feed and feed raw material to obtain its maximum value

Naturox™ antioxidants are a synergistic blend of natural-mixed tocopherols, Kemin owned plant extract with high antioxidant activity and chelators 

Naturox Green is certified for use in organic feed

Professional product application of different Naturox liquid solutions to meet your needs

Read more on how Naturox can help to control the oxidation process in diverse animal feed lipids.

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