NATUROXTM - Natural Antioxidants for Feed and Feedstuffs

Consumers demand for natural food is evolving over time, and eventually, step-by-step up the train, it goes back to the farm, the animal rearing process, and compound feed production. As a consequence, the demand for more natural additives is growing, including natural antioxidants, which are applied to slow down the oxidation process occurring in lipids matrix of feeds and feedstuffs.

NATUROX is a synergistic blend of natural-mixed tocopherols, own product plant extract with high antioxidant activity and chelators. The active ingredients are blended with a specific dry carrier that enhances homogeneity, or blended in a designed liquid carrier to improve handling and application.

Thanks to its features, NATUROX brand antioxidants can help you to stabilize your natural complete feed and feedstuffs against oxidation, without the inclusion of any synthetic active ingredients.

NATUROX is also certified for use in organic feed.


Preserving the Natural Fat Quality

The consumer concern regarding the use of synthetic antioxidants along all the feed-to-food chain is driving feed formulators to seek natural alternatives. Natural antioxidants’ ability to prevent lipids oxidation by scavenging the free radicals is well established by international scientific literature. Tocopherols are the most studied natural antioxidant, showing a superior activity alone or in combination with other natural compounds, for instance rosemary extracts. However not all tocopherols have similar antioxidant activities, and this is can explain the different response to oxidation of oils stabilised with antioxidant apparently having similar activity. A classic example is represented by the alpha-tocopherol, probably the most common form, but it is also the one with the lowest antioxidant activity (Hamilton et al., 1998).


Not all "natural" antioxidants are created equal

NATUROX brand antioxidants are blends of specific naturally occurring ingredients with high antioxidant properties. The naturally-mixed tocopherols presented in NATUROX can also be found in virtually all vegetable oils, grains, seeds and legumes. These tocopherols naturally prevent oxidative damage to the polyunsaturated fats found in plants. NATUROX products provide the same excellent, natural protection to both oils and fats found in premium quality feeds.

NATUROX is recognized as the industry-leading natural antioxidant system with a proven track record of stabilizing a wide variety of fats and feeds. Its boosted efficacy is due to:

·         The synergistic blend of naturally-mixed tocopherols with superior free radical absorption

·         Enriched delta tocopherol levels—the most effective tocopherol for stabilization

·         The combination of these specifically selected source of tocopherol with natural extract from rosemary

·         Presence of metal chelators to bind metal ions, which may promote free radical oxidation


NATUROX available in dry forms in 25 kg bags, and in liquid forms in 25 kg plastic cans, 200 kg plastic barrel and 900 kg IBC.



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