Manage feed costs and improve profitability in pigs

Producers worldwide face the challenge to balance feed costs and pig performance. Improving the absorption nutrients helps you to achieve efficiency and profitability in a sustainable way.

LYSOFORTE EXTEND is a patented synergistic nutritional instrument based on lysophospholipids designed to enhance digestion and absorption of nutrients across all diets and species. 

Benefits in Pigs

Increases milk production in sows

Increases average body weight of the litter at weaning

Improves litter homogeneity

Reduces the number of non-productive days in sow by reduction of backfat loss

Improves growth and feed conversion in piglets

Increases average daily body weight gain

Contributes to animal health and welfare

Enables environmentally friendly animal production

Improves loin thickness and carcass quality

Improves efficiency and homogeneous farming

Improves profitability

Helps manage feed costs

Reduces feed costs per body weight gain



LYSOFORTE EXTEND delivers more efficient nutrient absorption through a multi-level synergistic mode of action.

By enhancing the lipid emulsification process, the product creates more surface area for lipase attachment.

By removal of the fat matrix, the product improves the accessibility for digestive enzymes to other nutrients, such as fibers and proteins.

By stimulating the initiation, formation and stabilization of mixed micelles, the product enhances lipid hydrolysis.

By impacting the membrane fluidity directly and protein channel formation, the product increases the absorption of nutrients across the enterocyte membrane.

By stimulating gene expression related to collagen expression, the product enhances villi formation and gut integrity and strength.

Sustainable Pig Production

With rising demands for animal protein production and continuous challenges in availability and composition of feed raw materials, the need for advancements in sustainable pig production rapidly increases. To answer this need, the focus on nutrient absorption as the root for sustainable pig production will be instrumental.