Producers worldwide face the challenge to balance feed costs and animal productivity. Improving the absorption nutrients helps you to achieve efficiency and profitability in a sustainable way.

LYSOFORTE EXTEND is a patented synergistic nutritional instrument based on lysophospholipids designed to enhance digestion and absorption of nutrients across all diets and species. 


Improves animal performance

Reduces feed cost through more efficient use of nutrients

Contributes to animal health and welfare

Enables environmentally friendly animal production

Allows reformulating diets at a lower cost without compromising animal performance

Enables efficient use of alternative feed raw materials



LYSOFORTE EXTEND delivers more efficient nutrient absorption through a multi-level synergistic mode of action. Our video explains the direct action of the product with the digestion and absorption of lipids.

Multiple Nutrient Absorption beyond digestion and absorption of lipids: 

By enhancing the lipid emulsification process, the product creates more surface area for lipase attachment.

By removing the fat matrix, the product improves the accessibility for digestive enzymes to other nutrients, such as fibers and proteins.

By stimulating the initiation, formation and stabilization of mixed micelles, the product enhances lipid hydrolysis.

By impacting the membrane fluidity directly and protein channel formation, the product increases the absorption of nutrients across the enterocyte membrane.

By stimulating gene expression related to collagen expression, the product enhances villi formation and gut integrity and strength.

Insights on nutrient quality and efficient nutrient absorption

We teamed up with key scientific experts Prof. Julian Wiseman and Prof. Rommel C. Sulabo to compile the most recent trends and insights on nutrient absorption and nutrient absorption tools into a novel booklet. The booklet covers five chapters. In the first two chapters, lipid quality and its impact on nutrition as well as a review of 750 global lipid analyses is presented. The following two chapters discuss in depth the mechanisms for total nutrient absorption by LYSOFORTE and the supporting evidence based on a meta-analysis of 57 trials executed worldwide. The final chapter compiles the correlation of nutritional strategies on gastrointestinal health.

Download Novel Booklet

Services beyond the product 

We are committed to provide you with support and service tailored to your needs. We offer customers a wealth of knowledge and resources to ensure success when using our products. Variability in feed raw materials, such as fats and oils, is a very common issue and can influence feed variability and animal performance. It is possible to partially alleviate the effect of raw material variability by means of a more precise evaluation of feed raw materials and increasing the digestibility and absorption of dietary components by the addition of LYSOFORTE to the feed.

LYSOFORTE customers can benefit from our lipid evaluation test (LET) service based on the Wiseman equation. This service allows customers to better assess the real value of fats and oils used in a feed formulation and see how LYSOFORTE reduces feed fat variability.


Considering the difference in digestion and metabolism, LYSOFORTE EXTEND brings additional benefits for poultry and pigs. Check out our dedicated poultry and pig pages for more specific examples and opportunities for your business.

Available products; LYSOFORTE IP dry