An Encapsulated Lysine for ruminants

Lysine is an essential nutrient for ruminant formulation. Therefore, we must cover Lysine requirements in different stages and depending on different dietary feed ingredients. Methionine and Lysine work in concert, both amino acids are necessary in our diets to achieve the best animal productive performance and optimize the ruminant formulation benefit.  

Are you looking for a cost-effective solution for balancing amino acids in dairy cow diets? LysiGEM™ is the right solution. Beyond rumen bypass benefits, LysiGEM delivers the amount of bioavailable and digestible lysine the ruminant needs.



Combination of the high rumen bypass and intestinal availability provides the most cost-effective source of rumen protected lysine

Improved efficiency of metabolizing protein

Positive effect on milk protein

Positive effect on fat synthesis


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Our unique Three step process

Our 3-step process, consist of an in vitro phase with the up-to-the-minute technology; an in vivo phase in the animal, in order to achieve the most reliable data for our products that allows our customers to work with confidence; and the last step is in the dairy industry, working under field conditions to provide us the knowledge for the right nutritional implementation to achieve the maximum benefits for our customers.

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