Non-antibiotic solution for Enterobacteriaceae management

Disease prevention and health promotion is our core business. It is our task to help you in the production of safe meat and eggs, and to contribute to human health, taking our part in the 'One Health' concept!  Managing Enterobacteriaceae in the intestine, such as Salmonella, E. Coli, etc., during the production cycle, leads to lower carcass contamination in the slaughterhouse and allows easier export of meat. Therefore, a non-antibiotic solution for producing pathogen-free livestock in a sustainable way is the only way forward. 


Is a non-antibiotic solution for bacterial control

Works in the animal

Contributes to food safety with safe meat and eggs

Reduces carcass contamination in the slaughterhouse

Avoids E. coli associated losses during production cycle

Facilitates meat and egg export (compliance with salmonella regulations)

The science behind the solution

FormaXOL™ a non-antibiotic, effective solution for Enterobacteriaceae control within the intestinal tract, supported by its proprietary encapsulation technology and synergism in between its ingredients: functional flavours and organic acids. Delivered at the right spot due to its technology, the essential oils will damage the gram-negative bacterial cell wall and facilitate the entrance of the organic acid within the bacteria, resulting in bacterial death. 

Learn more on how FormaXOL can benefit turkey production:

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