Effective solutions for stabilization of feed and premixes

Preservation of feed and feed raw materials is important for each animal nutrition and health professional. Controlling the oxidation process starts with the stabilization of the feed ingredients and ends with a supplementary addition of antioxidants into the final feed. An efficient and complete antioxidant program tailored for specific matrices is therefore essential.

Are you in search for an effective solution to control the oxidation process in your feed and premix? The ENDOX brand antioxidants for animal feed are developed for treatment of complete feeds and premixes. It consists of carefully formulated synthetic antioxidant products suitable for application in feed (ENDOX ME) and premixes (ENDOX 5X Concentrate).


Synthetic antioxidant components – ethoxyquin (EQ), butylhydroxytoluene (BHT), butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA) are combined with a metal chelator on an inert carrier, to an effective antioxidant product

Small particle size results in homogeneous distribution throughout the premix and finished feed

Increased active surface assures effectiveness of every particle 


Introduction to vitamin stabilization in premix with Endox

Vitamin supplementation, often delivered through premix, is required in both concentrates and compound animal feeds. Even though vitamins as pure products can be stabilized and stored over long time, after incorporation into a feed (premix) mixture these components become subjected to great stress. Supplementation of antioxidants can help to protect and reduce considerable loss of vitamins during storage.

Read more how ENDOX can help to reduce vitamin loss in concentrates and compound feeds.

Ethoxyquin is not allowed in the European region.