CLOSTAT® HC SP dry, proven active microbial in a new application form

In addition to the standard feed application of CLOSTAT® (Bacillus subtilis ATCC PTA‐6737) via feed CLOSTAT HC SP dry can also be fed via poultry drinking lines.

Advantages of feeding CLOSTAT® HC SP dry via drinking lines:

·        Flexible dosing according to expected challenge level (i.e. higher dosages before sorting or transport of birds)

·        Fast effect (e.g. when wet litter first occurs)

·        Dosing does not depends on fill-level of the feed silo, application can be started any time

·        Every bird receives the recommended dosage, even those with reduced feed intake. Water intake is typically not reduced in sickly birds.

A hen is a laying hen of white color
1 To maintain a health flock action needs to be taken fast.

Who can use CLOSTAT HC SP dry?

Nutritionists – CLOSTAT has shown in scientific and field trials to improve uniformity, reduce mortality across species and have a very positive effect on shell quality in layers and breeders. Due to its intrinsically durable spores, CLOSTAT spores are stable to at least 85C under normal pelleting conditions, it can be added to any diet.

Veterinarians – CLOSTAT HC SP dry can be fed via drinking water, making it a convenient, alternative to those antibiotics normally given via water.

Organic production – CLOSTAT HC SP green dry products is permitted for use in ecological/organic production in the European union.

What is CLOSTAT®?

Spores of Bacillus subtilis ATCC PTA-6737 patented by Kemin. Originally selected from healthy chickens surviving necrotic enteritis (Clostridium spp.) outbreak in their flock. CLOSTAT has since proven beneficial in other poultry species, pigs, ruminants and even human applications. In the EU, CLOSTAT is registered for poultry species and piglets and sows.

What is CLOSTAT® compatible with?

CLOSTAT® HC SP dry is compatible with organic acids and anti-coccidials in feed.

CLOSTAT® HC SP dry is compatible with Aleta™, ButiPEARL™, Formyl™ and FormaXOL™ as well as with the whole Kemin feed safety product range.

In water CLOSTAT® HC SP dry is compatible with all water hygiene products, provided they are used at standard levels.

More info?

Would you like to learn more about CLOSTAT®, contact us via the website or speak directly to your local Kemin representative for more detailed information.

Certain statements may not be applicable in all geographical regions. Product labelling and associated claims may differ based upon government requirements. All claims are supported by scientific and field data. References available on request.