Healthy animals are more likely to increase your production efficiency and optimize your economic profitability. By improving your animals' immune support, disease resistance and overall (intestinal) health, you can gain significant benefits in animal production. 

Aleta is a unique Beta-Glucan product that is derived from algae. It is used for immune support and modulation to improve general health of the animal. Thanks to Aleta's highly bio-available Beta-(1,3)-Glucan it helps them to cope with stress, disease and vaccination. 


The effectiveness of Aleta™ on enhancing vaccination is even proved by a peer-reviewed Scientific paper 'Algal beta-(1,3)-glucan and its effect on infectious bursal disease vaccination in poultry'. You can download it for free below!

Learn how Aleta supports vaccination

The difference between beta-glucans from algae vs from yeast

Aleta contains a standardized % beta-glucan

Algae beta-glucan interacts targeted with the immune cells leading to fast recognition

Safe use, no effect on FCR

Clear dose dependent effect showing stable results on farm

Low effective dosage


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Watch our video to learn more about the benefits and mode of action of Aleta!  Are you a Veterinarian looking for more information? You find it on this webpage!



Vaccination plays a vital role in health management of all poultry species and is an important tool to reduce the use of therapeutic antibiotics. Aleta is a perfect candidate for an in-feed supplementation. All is explained in an article published in International Poultry Production 'In-feed solutions to enhance vaccination efficiency'. Download it below! 

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Improves vaccination efficiency

Helps animals to resists stressful conditions

Reduces morbidity and mortality during pathogenic challenges (diseases)

Supports animals in antibiotic reduction programs and antibiotic growth promoter removal programs

Provides consistent ROI: avoids performance reduction in situations of disease and stress

Helps young animals to mature their immune system


Meet Euglena Gracilis, an amazing algae

euglena alga



Aleta is interacting with the immune system resulting in an immune modulation. Immune cells are rapidly recruited and activated to the site of infection increasing the ability of animals to cope with the disease. Consequently, Aleta will help animals during stress, disease and vaccination periods.



It is clear not every animal needs immune modulation, focusing on the YOPI (Young, Old, Pregnant, Immune suppressed) group is a must.



Aleta is a unique beta-glucan derived from algae (Euglena Gracilis). It is a highly concentrated in-feed solution and contains more than 50% of linear beta-(1,3)-glucan.  

Learn how Aleta helps to mature the immune system

infographic aleta immune modulation


Immune modulation is adjusting the immune response to a desired level. That desired level means an immune system which is ready to cope with and destroy a dangerous invader (disease). Luckily, beta-(1,3)- glucan interacts with immune cells. Consequently, immune cells are activated and rapidly recruited to the site of infection, increasing the ability to cope with the infection.