Health & Nutrition for Pet Food & Consumer Expectations

More than ever before, consumers see their pets as family members who deserve quality nutrition comparable to what they feed themselves. Global research shows that this belief is contributing to the premiumization of the pet food market, with 66 percent of pet owners believing that the right food can enhance their pets’ quality of life1.

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The well-being of companion animals is positively influenced by a proper blend of key ingredients such as proteins, fats, antioxidants, prebiotics, probiotics, minerals and vitamins. Antioxidants help maintain freshness and palatability, while prebiotics and probiotics support digestion for overall health.

To meet consumers’ growing demand for nutrition with health benefits for their pets, Kemin offers spray-dried proteins and protein hydrolysate products that provide high-quality, single-source animal protein and improved palatability.


The use of ß-glucans, glucose polysaccharides naturally occurring in the cells of plants, cereals and fungi, is growing in the pet food industry. ß-glucans have been shown to stimulate and activate the immune systems of dogs.2

Our PRALISUR is a natural product that contains 1-3 beta-glucans, derived from dried algae, for use in pet food, pet treats and/or pet supplements.

Spray-Dried Products

Kemin is a leading manufacturer of spray-dried products. Our extensive protein portfolio includes a range of spray-dried liver and meat products, spray-dried low molecular weight products and specialty spray-dried products. Kemin offers products that provide high quality proteins from single or multiple animal sources to support palatability and freshness. Our formulas are important nutritional additives used in pet food, treats and other consumable pet products. For those in search of a highly digestible protein source for use in companion animal diets, we offer spray-dried low molecular weight products.

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2 Anderson, W., Satyaraj, E. and Kerr, W. 2008. Abstract from Nestle Purina Nutrition Forum

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