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Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health in the EMENA Region

At Kemin, curiosity has fueled our identity and innovation for over 63 years

This approach shapes our products and services. It drives our commitment to sustainability and makes us your ideal partner for optimal animal nutrition and health.

Based in Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa (EMENA), our team is dedicated to developing innovative solutions, both products and services. Our ingredients help producers raise healthy livestock and poultry and our services support them with innovative services on a local level.

We are a trusted market leader in the animal feed, beef, dairy, poultry, and pig industries. Our research and innovations help grow our customers' bottom line while meeting the ever-changing landscape of consumer expectations. Together, Kemin’s industry-leading solutions improve and strengthen safety throughout various stages of the global food chain.

We’re Compelled by Curiosity

Join us on our journey throughout 2024 as we reveal how our culture of curiosity is embedded within our solutions - products and services - sustainability efforts, and our people.

We are compelled to meet the global demand for safe animal protein. As the world population continues to grow, we are optimizing production methods with safety, efficiency and sustainability at the forefront of all we do. At Kemin, our curiosity energizes us to innovate, test and create new products and services that enhance overall animal nutrition, health and welfare. From novel feed ingredients to essential nutrients, our innovations help producers raise healthy livestock and poultry today — and build a resilient foundation for the future. 

Kemin's Innovative Solutions

We are constantly innovating our solutions — products and services — to ensure sustainability, answer the growing need for digital transformation, and increase the focus on our innovative services. We are expanding our services to provide our customers with data-driven insights, helping them to become more profitable and sustainable. This is our key focus in the upcoming years.

 Explore our innovative solutions: