Producers worldwide face the challenge to balance feed costs and animal productivity. Improving the digestion and absorption nutrients from feed can help animal producers achieve both efficiency and profitability.


Young Animals Need a Helping Hand

It is well known that the digestive system in young animals is underdeveloped. Consequently, dietary nutrients are not fully utilised, resulting in a direct impact on feed efficiency.


The use of LYSOFORTE® in weaning piglets ensures better growth and feed conversion because of better nutrient absorption and utilisation.

Furthermore, LYSOFORTE assists sows in ensuring piglets get the best possible start in life. Farrowing is a very energy consuming process for sows. By improving the digestion and absorption of fats and other nutrients, LYSOFORTE increases milk production in sows. This way, LYSOFORTE results in more homogeneous litters and increases the average body weight of the piglets at weaning.



LYSOFORTE also takes care of the sow’s condition. LYSOFORTE reduces the body weight and back fat loss caused by farrowing and lactation, ultimately reducing the number of non-productive days.

The use of a multi-enzyme ingredient like KEMZYME® Plus in weaning piglets makes it possible to help the piglet digest at the level of a more mature animal. This way, more nutrients are taken up and fewer nutrients reach the hindgut. Moreover, reduction of nutrients in the hindgut has been linked to a reduced risk of dysbiosis, again resulting in a more resistant piglet.


Considering that weaning is accompanied by a change in the diet from sow’s milk to vegetable feed and an introduction into a new environment weaning can have a distinct negative effect on the digestive performance of piglets. Especially the secretion of endogenous enzymes, such as proteases and amylases, is severely affected. In addition, the main source of energy in piglet diets, starch, is composed by amylose and amylopectin. The proportion of amylose and amylopectin (amylose/amylopectin ratio) in starch can be very variable which causes variable and not consistent starch digestibility in piglets. The right combination of enzymes, as offered in KEMZYME Plus, is crucial to break down the NSP complex substrate of the piglet diets and to compensate for the reduced endogenous enzyme secretions.