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Formulating Health for Improved Dairy Farming

Calving is the most difficult and challenging phase in the life of the cow. Without adequate nutrition and management, her health will deteriorate, and profit will decrease. Managing ruminant health is most often connected to treating health issues once they occur. However, we must focus more on the prevention of these health issues by taking care of daily nutrition. Formulating diets for optimal health will prepare the cow for smoother calving and for an improved lactation after calving. 

We will work together with you to formulate ruminant health with scientifically proven nutritional solutions. For us, sound animal health is the cornerstone of profitable dairy farming. 

We have created a booklet that provides valuable insights on how to improve cow health for better animal production. Download it for free now!


Formulating ruminant health gives the required attention to both the pre- and post-calving phase. We like share tips and tricks with you! 


Pre-calving Phase

The close-up period or pre-calving phase is a critical time in the dry period. During these three weeks before calving, the cow is preparing herself to start her next lactation. Without adequate nutrition and management, cows can calve and fade quickly, losing potential income. Give enough attention to this phase as it sets the stage for how well the cow will perform in the next lactation.

Post-calving Phase

The post-calving phase is the most important and vulnerable period for dairy cows as her metabolic needs increase dramatically. Her lactational performance is directly related to how she responds to this high-energy transition period. To have a successful dairy production, we must focus on formulating post-calving cow health.