Mineral Management Program


Trace Minerals are required by all the animal species. In general, the concentration of trace minerals present in most of the animal feeds is inadequate for growth, milk production, reproduction and reproductive performance. If trace mineral requirmenet is not met, deficiency sympotoms are likely to occur. Poor bioavailability of various minerals and also mineral’s interaction create the scope for uage of highly bioavailable source of minerals among feed producers, premix producer and farmers.


In the EMENA region, the use of highly bioavailable minerals is continuously increasing among the livestock, poultry and swine producers as the genetic improvement of breeds need more focus towards the mineral nutrition. Kemin has taken a lead towards creating awarness for understanding the basic selection crriteria of minerals.

An ideal mineral quality and characteristics is based on following parameters:

  1. Solubility
  2. Dissociation
  3. Absorption
  4. Retention


Solubility of minerals increases the chances of timely dissciation of minerals. Along with this, disscoation of mineral at optimum rate before reaching to the absorption site (small intestine) also play a critical role in selection of minerals. The bioavailability of minerals can not be considered with higher absorption of mineral, rather, retention of minerals in aminal body is the ulitmate form which certifies the source to be used for animal feeding.

In the Kemin Mineral Management program, we have highlighted the importance of mineral retention in animal body which can be taken as a prime critera in deciding the value of mineral supplementation.