Control the Oxidation Process 

Our antioxidants support animal health by the preservation of valuable nutrients like vitamins and pigments and it protects amino acids, carbohydrates, and essential fatty acids in the diet from oxidation.

Antioxidants are fundamental in every animal diet as they preserve the high energy value of your diet and conserve essential costly nutrients. They ensure optimal animal performance and carcass quality, which is crucial in every professional and sustainable animal production management programme.

Selection of the right, profitable antioxidant, requires a full understanding of the oxidation process, the mode of action, and the impact of the appropriate application point to control the oxidation process.

 How to manage oxidation in livestock diets?


Feed cost represents the majority of production costs therefore optimal feed efficiency is essential. To achieve this, preservation of the energy value of your diet and the conservation of essential, costly nutrients is crucial in every professional and sustainable animal production management programme.

In our latest booklet, we share tips and tricks for every animal professional on how to manage oxidation in livestock diets. 

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The science is undeniable: the risk of feed oxidation is considerable because it is inherent to both feed raw materials, and the feed production process. Don’t ignore the costly risk of feed oxidation when it can be easily managed.

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We offer a wide range of antioxidant solutions that protect the integrity of your feed, the health of your animals, and the quality of your products. Liquid or dry, synthetic or natural, our antioxidants fit in seamlessly with your specific requirements.

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It is crucial to understand the impact of exterior influences on the oxidative quality of your diet. e.g.s the variations in the raw materials, including fats and oils of your diet. Additionally, proper application of your antioxidant reduces the variation in oxidative risk in your diet.

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