Solutions to enhance vaccination efficiency

Vaccination plays a vital role in health management of all production animals, with growing importance since the ban on the use of antibiotic growth promotors, and is an important tool to reduce the use of therapeutic antibiotics.  A vaccine helps to prevent a disease by boosting the animals’ immune system to produce antibodies that in turn fight the invading pathogen, protecting them against disease caused by this specific invader.

Why is this needed? 

To actively participate in disease prevention, we must shift away from a reactive approach: treatment with antibiotics.


Reduces the losses due to morbidity and mortaliy caused by all kind of pathogens

Works for virusues to bacteria and parasites: plenty of diseases

No resistance problems

Prevents, shifting away from treatment strategy

Merges with in feed solutions and nutritional programmes for preventive approach 

Contributes to animal welfare 


In feed solutions to enhance vaccination efficiency

In feed solutions that are modulating the immune system can benefit the response to vaccination:

Faster seroconversion

More seroconverted animals in herd or flock 

Higher antibody titers

Better herd/flock protection and health

Better performance

Reduced morbidity and mortality

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