Coccidiosis, managing the problem

Coccidiosis is one of the most common and economically important diseases of chickens, caused by a parasite damaging the intestinal wall. This disease is mainly managed, by the use of anticoccidials (ionophores and chemicals), vaccination and therapeutics if needed. Alternative solutions supporting the cocci vaccination and/or replacing ionophores (the so-called antibiotics, or not?) are of growing interest. Therefore, we have the solution, just by bringing features and benefits of two products together and implementing them during a targeted time window in the production cycle.   

When submitting your details below, you will find a publication which shows how our immune modulator enhances immunity against coccidiosis. 


Decreases the use of/need for ionophores

No withdrawal time applicable

Reduces the incidence of necrotic enteritis

Supports cocci vaccination

Reduces the use of therapeutics

Avoids performance reduction in case of subclinical coccidiosis

Is a natural solution for cocci management


Read more on the effect of CLOSTAT on the performance of broilers in a necrotic enteritis challenge trial by downloading the form below!

Read more on the effect of CLOSTAT on broilers


Disease management is not feasible with only one solution. Biosecurity and nutritional programs are tools not to neglect and are contributing to a natural strategy to prevent disease. By bringing features and benefits of two products together and by offering the technical service and lab skills, we support you in your coccidiosis management strategy which is all about reducing the need for therapeutics and ionophore use.