Disease prevention and health promotion

Your ideal partner for health management is Kemin: we provide scientifically proven solutions addressing immunity, intestinal integrity and microbiome management for animal production. At Kemin, disease prevention and health promotion is our core business. On this page, we focus on solutions for monogastrics. 

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Zinc Oxide Replacement

Managing Coccidiosis


Benefits of maintaining health

Well functioning gastro-intestinal tracts unlock the potential of your feeds

Performance exceeding breed standards


Low mortality and morbidity

Reduced need to treat with antibiotics and associated costs 



Importance of immunity, intestinal integrity and microbiome management for optimal animal health



There are more bacteria in the gastro-intestinal tract than cells in the body. Anything that affects the microbiota will enhance the potential for enteric pathogens to proliferate, damaging the growth potential and general health of your animals. 



Healthy animals are more likely to increase your production efficiency and optimize your economic profitability. By improving your animals' immune system, disease resistance and overall (intestinal) health, you can gain significant benefits in animal production. 


Intestinal integrity is all about maintaining the  structure of the intestinal barrier, which is made up of a layer of epithelial cells (intestinal enterocytes). This barrier has to perform two very contrasting functions; maximise the absorption of nutrients and to prevent bacteria and toxins from entering the body (Leaky Gut Syndrome). The absorption of bacteria and toxins is prevented by intestinal tight junctions, which are transmembrane protein complexes that bind intestinal enterocytes together. 

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