SMART Advisory Team Services 

Kemin Services and Support

Providing the full solution, we meet the needs of our customers, active in feed or raw material processing or handling and for livestock production, such as integrators or farmers. Kemin brings expertise to every step of the process to assure the quality and performance of our products and to further develop innovative solutions that address evolving consumer expectations.

What makes Kemin unique is the delivery of the full solution package on milling efficiency and feed safety:

  • Application Engineering Technology
  • Customer Laboratory Services
  • Technical support


Kemin Application Engineering Technology

To reach the best effective use of our liquid programs, a proper product application and distribution is critical. Kemin offers a total solution, committed to providing customized equipment, training and education to ensure our liquid products are optimally utilised to reach the desired effectiveness.

Kemin has a team of highly qualified experts consulting with customers to design tailored product application systems. Assemblage of the systems is done by a dedicated team of engineers located at our local headquarters. A team of service engineers located across the EMENA region takes care to install and maintain the systems.

Kemin Engineers use their expertise to provide training and education, ensuring your performance goals are met:

  • Assist customers selecting the correct equipment
  • Support field trials with demo equipment
  • Complete a comprehensive site visit
  • Advise on product application rates, locations and process development
  • In house expertise to design, assemble, install systems
  • Frequent maintenance of all application system
  • After installation service, to respond quickly to any issues


Importance of accurate product application and distribution

Do you know what the surface area of all feed particles in one tonne of feed is? This equates to the approximate surface area of a professional football field. Imagine applying 1 or 2 liters of an antimicrobial or mould inhibitor to treat a tonne of feed, needing to cover the surface area of a football field. This volume applied would need to be sprayed to cover the whole surface of the tonne of feed to ensure that optimal efficacy is reached. This is a challenge, from both a product and application engineering technology perspective. The Product Application team has developed a wide set of applicators, with varying functionalities to suite the feed mill size and its objectives.


Criteria to reach optimal product distribution

  • Volume:  Higher volumes cover a larger feed surface area to achieve an overall superior dispersion. The product applied in an Opti CURB® solution, where the antimicrobial or mould inhibitor is mixed with a support solution just before the application in the mixer
  • Nozzle technology: The technology aids in reducing the droplet size in the applicator before spraying. Smaller drops cover a larger feed surface area, to achieve an even better overall dispersion through within feed
  • Surface tension: The lower surface tension reduces the droplet size during the spraying phase, where smaller droplets improve dispersion and thereby an improved efficacy
  • Contact angle: A lower contact angle, the drops spread over the surface of the feed particles for more effective absorption, covering a larger feed surface area and thereby improving efficacy


Market trend towards On-line application control systems

On-line control is the tool to analyse and control variations during the feed mill process. This technology is quickly gaining ground across the feed industry. The online technology allows the producer to create a low variability between production batches. Optimizing the moisture level through a pre-conditioning step, will optimize processes during conditioning, pelleting and cooling to ensure process standardisation, profitability and an optimum final pellet quality. These systems reduce overall process variability, ensure uniform nutritional and physical final product pellet quality.


Kemin Customer Laboratory Services

Customer Lab Services (CLS) teams are dedicated to translating customer needs into innovative tools that are built on product knowledge, scientific expertise and problem-solving skills demonstrating the efficacy of our products and programs. Kemin CLS is equipped with state-of-the-art laboratory equipment and advanced protocols that allow a rapid turnaround time.

This service technically enables the application of the Kemin products through developing unique solutions with tailored laboratory services. In the area of feed / food safety and milling efficiency, these services include but are not limited to microbiology related tests, quantitative PCR techniques, diverse chemical and physical tests, lab scale simulation trials and shelf-life studies.

The CLS team provides value throughout all phases of the manufacturing-customer implementation chain:

  • Product inclusion level and equipment calibration verification
  • Ingredient and product troubleshooting
  • New ingredient and product development assistance
  • Analytical support, applied research and quality control support
  • Advanced method development

Kemin Technical Services

The dedicated technical services team leverages extensive product knowledge, industry experience and problem-solving skills to meet customer needs and troubleshoot any issues experienced. They support protocol development and trial coordination. The technical services team provides recommended product usage and inclusion rates. They are located across the EMENA region to be near to our customers.

Support from the technical services team on information regarding:

  • Deep technical product & programme information
  • Protocol development and trial coordination
  • Frequent updates on new data related to our programmes
  • Advise on inclusion rates for your changing needs and risk assessment
  • Process scale-up testing