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As a global leader in animal feed solutions, you know you can count on Kemin for quality feed products. We are happy to strengthen our focus on high-quality liquid feed products among the reliable feed solutions we offer our customers. Our liquid feed solutions allow us to successfully serve multiple segments of the feed production industry, from bundled feed raw materials to feed processing to bundled forage.

Our Kemin SMART™ advisory team will not only provide a reliable feed solution, but we can offer a complete set of services to help you implement that solution, from laboratory testing to product application to technical support.


Feed Segment Offerings from Kemin

millSMART logo isolated on white background, mill is written in red, smart is written in grey, above the A of smart we see a wifi sign in red, millsmart is a feed processing pre-conditioning program that covers all aspects of feed milling, from improving pellet feed quality to making feed safer

If you are involved in the animal production industry, you know how critical the feed mill is. Finding ways to improve feed mill efficiency, ramping production, ensuring safety and reducing costs are key to a successful agricultural enterprise in this area.

When it comes to feed safety and efficiency in feed processing, you will not find a better solution than Kemin and millSMART.

Our feed processing pre-conditioning program covers all aspects of feed milling, from improving pellet feed quality to making feed safer.

It starts with Opti CURB®, our pre-conditioning solution that is an activated solution of KEM WET™, Myco CURB or Sal CURB depending on your feed products’ specific needs. They can be applied primarily for improving feed processing efficacy, mold control or antimicrobial protection respectively. Our application technology combined with the properties of the powerful surfactants in the solution makes sure the product is fully distributed throughout your feedstuff. Through the Opti CURB solution, feed mills will get benefits in the areas of feedstuff optimization, improved pellet quality, reduced energy consumption, increased feed processing productivity and throughput, improved process standardization and feed safety.

Benefits of the millSMART Program for Animal Feed Preservation

We recognize that success in the animal feed world relies on great feed and great products for preserving and protecting that feed as well as great support. The benefit of working with Kemin’s liquid programs is that not only do you get rigorously tested, high-quality feed protection and preservation products, but you also get the benefit of the services of the SMART Advisory team. SMART Advisory team services are a full solution package that includes:

  • Application Engineering Technology
  • Customer Laboratory Services
  • Technical Services

We want your business to be as successful as possible in this industry, so we urge you to take advantages of our SMART Advisory team services whenever possible. Our application engineers and technicians are located throughout the region for your convenience and for quick access to our services whenever you need them.


Revolutionize Your Feed with Kemin Today

Unlike other feed treatment companies, Kemin is a complete solution, with the right products, the right support and the right personnel to make sure your feed is as clean, safe and high-quality as it can be. If the quality of your feed is important to you and if you have challenges with keeping that quality high when storing or transporting feed, you need Kemin.

To find out more about how our services can benefit you, please contact Kemin.