Yannick Riou Headshot


President, Nutrisurance

Yannick Riou is president of Kemin Nutrisurance, the company’s pet food and rendering technologies business unit responsible for delivering stability, palatability, food safety and health and nutrition product solutions and services for pet food manufacturers, renderers and ingredient suppliers. Riou joined Kemin Industries in his current role in 2019.

Prior to joining Kemin, Riou was president of Diana Food. He started as a sales manager at the company in 1998 before taking on various leadership roles around the globe. He worked in Argentina as managing director for SPF, Diana Pet Foods’ palatants brand, and served as Diana Pet Food’s global sales director, based in France. Before taking over as president of Diana Food, Riou served as general manager of North America for the company.

Riou is a native of France and fluent in French, English and Spanish. He holds a bachelor’s degree in biology and master’s degrees in food engineering, marketing and international trade in the food industry.