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December 22,2021

May your holidays be safe: our guide to holiday food trends

Spending the holidays is done right with friends and family, preferably at the same table. Presenting all of them with food that’s both delicious and safe speaks for itself. Luckily, Kemin has your customers covered in the latter – thanks to our range of shelf life and food safety solutions. Let’s put their potential on display, by way of a familiar menu of Christmas dinner classics. Regardless of the signature dish you know your customers love on this special occasion, we have developed solutions to address most - if not all - of those Christmas classics.



Bread sticks make for an excellent warm-up for an evening of good food.  They are great party snacks on their own and even find comfortable homes in a multitude of modern desserts. Most of all, they pair well with tiny dishes like soups, salads, and pasta, making them the ideal appetizers. They most often come containing a blend of olive, sesame, and sunflower oil – elements prone to oxidation.


Enter NaturFORT™ 12 DRY: a combination of rosemary and green tea extract preserving the bread stick’s taste, colour and freshness while enhancing its flavour profile and extending shelf life. It’s our solution of choice to bring about stabilisation through natural flavourings.



Seafood has proven itself time and time again as a great addition to any Christmas menu – with shrimps as no exception to that rule. However, shrimps do carry a potential risk of notorious bacteria, with Listeria Monocytogenes being one of the most known predators, just like Enterobacteriaceae such as Salmonella. Serious threats for a nice family dinner, one after the other.


Using Buffered Vinegar Dry (in brine) we employ a veritable label-friendly food safety ingredient to protect any fish product, as well as a variety of meat and poultry dishes. To illustrate our solution’s safeguarding capabilities against Listeria monocytogenes, a picture is worth a thousand words. It makes it a powerful trusted and recognizable ingredient in presenting your seafood-loving customers with safe holiday foods.

Graph 1 Kemin


The same risks we find in dishes like smoked salmon. With salmon – a frequent participant in all kinds of global cuisines – the threat of Listeria Monocytogenes is just as real. It makes Buffered Vinegar Dry an equally powerful food solution with a balanced flavour profile to provide a layer of protection, serving as a label-friendly alternative to the sodium lactate-diacetate blends.

For a period of 30 days, we set our solution to work in an untreated smoked salmon, measuring Total Plate Counts (TPC), total Lactobacilli count, Total Enterobacteriaceae count, pH values and performed a challenge study on the growth of Listeria monocytogenes. Buffered Vinegar Dry was more effective in inhibiting Listeria Monocytogenes growth compared with the sodium lactate-diacetate blend (positive control) and had lower Enterobacteriaceae counts (including pathogenic bacteria such as Salmonella as well as E. coli spp.) during the entire study. Additionally, pH values of the smoked salmon remained stable for both treatments.

Graph 2 Kemin



Turkey is – of course – a true Christmas-time classic, thanks to the expansion of British colonial rule. It’s what made the annual turkey tradition a global one. From the classic stuffed turkey roast to rolled turkey breast, turkey roulades and even Lombardy-style turkey, the beloved bird continues to play its part in family gatherings worldwide. High time we added a new fan favorite to the list: turkey burgers.

Especially chicken, but turkey meat as well, is more likely to be contaminated with various bacteria than beef or pork meat. It may be related to the higher incidence of these bacteria in the poultry population than e.g. in the cattle population1. However, all meat products are prone to oxidation. Amongst meat products, poultry meat is more prone to the development of oxidative rancidity compared with red meat. This is explained by the higher content of phospholipids in poultry meat. Phospholipids house in the membrane structure and are rich in poly-unsaturated fatty acids. It has been demonstrated that the oxidation of meat starts by a peroxidation of the phospholipid fraction. Due to the high degree of poly-unsaturated lipids, the phospholipids are most prone to oxidation2.

To extend the shelf life of turkey products and make sure you provide the family with fresh meat throughout the holiday period, Kemin offers natural rosemary extract such as FORTIUM® R-WS 20 Liquid and FORTIUM R40 Dry to reach this goal.





Of course, no main course without croquettes filled with mashed potatoes or French fries. Potato flakes have a limited shelf life. And a limited shelf life means colour instability. Our natural rosemary extract FORTIUM® R-WS 20 Liquid or NaturFORT 12 Dry rosemary and green tea blend makes for an impressive increase in potato flake shelf-life.

Naturally, fresh fried products rely on fresh frying oil. Frying food has been a popular way of cooking around the world for ages, and with good cause. Deep-frying oil makes for a pleasant change in flavour, texture and colour – as well as for a speedy cooking method. Moreover, there is a trend towards healthier vegetables oils, although they come with modest frying life.

Yet: frying is a complicated, multi-factor process where the frying oil undergoes a complex series of oxidation reactions. This affects both the quality of fried food and the deep-frying medium used in the process. FORTI-FRYTM is a natural antioxidant consisting of tocopherol-rich extract and specialty oils that significantly extend the life of frying oil. It prevents the formation of undesirable compounds and off-flavours. Furthermore, FORTI-FRY ensures foaming reduction and provides an optimal heat transfer which results in even browning of the food, from the first batch onward. 

Total Polar Compounds (TPC) in oil treated with 0.5 % FORTI-FRY were significantly (p<0.05) lower compared with untreated oil or oil treated with single antioxidants (frying life extension to 75 batches or 27 % increase).


Graph 3 Kemin
Tator Tots Kemin


In case you’ve never tried cannoli before, you’re in for a treat. Cannoli is an Italian pastry made up out of tube-shaped shells of fried pastry dough, filled with a sweet, creamy filling - usually containing sweetened ricotta cheese or ice cream filling. Originating out of Sicily, they come small yet sweet and can serve as the perfect dessert to end an evening-long culinary celebration with friends and family.


Let’s make it last even longer than the memories. We applied FORTIUM® R20 Liquid natural rosemary extract straight into the cannoli waffle dough. Our goal: to ensure a 7-month long shelf life while substituting palm fat with high oleic sunflower oil. We succeeded all the way, retaining acceptable peroxide values during storage at ambient room temperature. Why not give them a try for yourself?

Graph 4 Kemin



Whatever delicious meal you’re planning, we have you – as well as your friends and family – covered for the entire holiday season. They deserve food safety and so do you.

Enjoy those special moments. Kemin wishes you happy holidays!





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2The interaction between meat quality, lipid oxidation and antioxidants in animal diets KEMIN Animal Nutrition and Health Europe, Record Number: BB-03-00907, Nov. 2003


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