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Each day brings new changes to the world. Each sunrise is met with a larger population, new bacteria and diseases, droughts, and other environmental crises, and a myriad of other new challenges across many fronts. Helping to maintain the Earth’s fragile equilibrium is why Kemin innovation is constantly in action around the world.

Our network of specialists and scientists worldwide stays attuned to the needs of each region by being on site, experiencing them firsthand, and speaking with government officials, farmers, ranchers, and local authorities to learn their concerns and needs.

Staying abreast of these developments drives Kemin innovation, directing our efforts to solve the most critical, current, and impending problems first, allowing us to introduce timely food production solutions that will have the most benefit for producers and consumers – ultimately helping abate issues such as food insecurity.

Our innovative leadership affects more than agriculture. We’re originators of countless ingredients that improve the health and lives of humans, their pets, and animals. Some of these innovations include new food technologies that keep edibles fresher and more flavorful, pharmaceutical dyes with colorants that are naturally derived, and nutraceuticals that maintain wellness, improve eye and cognitive health, aid weight loss, and enhance athletic power.

At Kemin, we will never stop in our mission to improve the quality of life.

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Lives Touched

Our vision is to improve the quality of life by touching half the people of the world every day with our products and services. Audacious? Yes. Impossible? A lot of people once thought voices over telephone wires, light without fire, microbes that cure diseases and robots roving Mars were “impossible,” yet they’re all old news today. An audacity of imagination combined with the power of science makes the “impossible” possible every day.

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Cuántas vidas fueron tocadas por Kemin, todos los días, en 2017

3,800,000,000 Lives

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Growing. Globally.

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ITC Investigation Requested, OmniActive Health Technologies’ Importation of Lutein is at Risk!

Kemin Asserts its Patents, Requests the ITC to Prevent Unlawful Importation of Carotenoids into the USA

On October 6, 2016, Kemin Industries, Inc. (Kemin) filed a Complaint with the International Trade Commission (ITC) requesting an investigation under Section 337 of the Tariff Act of 1930 with respect to the unlawful and unauthorized importation of infringing products by OminiActive Health Technologies (OmniActive®). Kemin is seeking an exclusion order to preclude OmniActive’s continued importation of products that infringe Kemin’s patent rights.1 Kemin submitted its request in response to OmniActive’s marketing campaigns surrounding its lutein and zeaxanthin products, such as Lutemax 2020®, which actively induce its customers to infringe Kemin’s patent rights, including those related to blue light claims.

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Plant Science

As the human population continues to expand and resources become more limited, solutions to global challenges are increasing to maintain the quality of life. While Kemin continues to strive to improve this quality, our company is committed to invest in the research and development of plant based solutions for these answers.