Zylozyme™ P - Improve Productivity of Your Corn Ethanol Plant

Zylozyme P is a phytase-based product designed to assist fermentation, reduce fouling of your corn ethanol plant’s heat exchanger and improve throughput.

Keep your heat exchangers clean while you clean up on corn ethanol profits!

Fouled heat exchangers require maintenance, cleaning, and production downtime – all cutting into your profits. Phytate is the main culprit.

Reduce cleaning costs and experience fewer plant offline days by adding Zylozyme P phytase to your corn ethanol fermenter.

Zylozyme P breaks down phytic acid immediately upon addition and is denatured during the downstream processing steps where temperatures are greater than 60º Celsius.

Experience improved fermentation, increased throughput, as well as more efficiency and profitability today!

Compare Zylozyme P to liquid products:

  • Easier-to-handle powder form
  • More stable for longer shelf life
  • No refrigeration required
  • Concentrated
  • Requires less storage space
  • Permitted for use in ethanol plants by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

The Huge Cost of Fouled Heat Exchangers

Your investment in Zylozyme P returns more profits to you through increased production time. For example, a 50 million gallon plant producing 140,000 gallons of ethanol per day and showing 25 cents per gallon profit, will lose $35,000 each day the plant is closed.

To learn more about Zylozyme P, contact:

John Phillips, Senior Sales Manager

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