VERDILOX™ for Natural Pet Food Sustainability

A Changing Pet Food Market

Petfood humanization continues to drive the tremendous growth in the demand for natural pet food products, and the development of the premium pet food market has been significantly impacted by the use of natural antioxidants, which are designed to provide shelf-life extension to pet food diets and ingredients. The use of natural antioxidants is being driven by consumer demand to see more natural ingredients listed on pet food labels. Additionally, pet humanization is driving the use of novel ingredients which is providing new stability challenges.

Developing Sustainable Natural Antioxidant Solutions

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This broad growth in natural antioxidants usage within the pet food industry has created opportunities for innovation beyond just mixed-tocopherols. To keep up with the changing dynamics in the pet food market, Kemin has invested its resources into the development of innovative products that can answer current and future challenges for maintaining the freshness of raw materials and pet food products through the management of lipid oxidation.

Kemin utilizes a vertically-integrated ingredient approach that has led to the development of breakthrough products for natural shelf-life stability. Combining our plant selection and crop improvement competencies with our existing application research expertise has led to novel products that improve the sustainability of natural antioxidants.

Sustainability Goals:

  • Improve sustainability of raw material supply and pricing
  • Act with environmental responsibility
  • Behave with social accountability
  • Continuously improve crop production
  • Maintain third-party verification – Kemin botanicals are certified sustainably grown by SCS Global

This commitment has made Kemin the leading antioxidant supplier in the rendering and petfood markets. Only Kemin can provide manufacturers a broad range of proven solutions for utilizing natural antioxidants throughout their entire supply chain. For premium pet foods, Kemin supplies many natural antioxidant products—such as VERDILOX.

VERDILOX for Natural Pet Food Sustainability

The VERDILOX line of products from Kemin gives petfood manufacturers an innovative, more sustainable option for achieving their shelf-life goals. The unique antioxidant combinations of VERDILOX provide the ability for petfood manufacturers and ingredient suppliers to stabilize their novel ingredients and formulations with natural antioxidants.

VERDILOX antioxidants are the solution for the growing demand for natural pet food diets with its distinct blend of mixed tocopherols and vertically-integrated supply chain of botanically-sourced ingredients. This approach demonstrates Kemin's social and environmental responsibility to providing natural antioxidants solutions while ensuring continuous supply and pricing stability.

Benefits of VERDILOX

VERDILOX Features:

There are many reasons to consider adding VERDILOX to your supply chain. VERDILOX offers:

  • Unique blend of botanically-sourced ingredients
  • Assists in preventing the formation of free radicals that start the autoxidation process
  • Vertical integration of raw material supply chain
  • Improved sustainability
  • Enhanced petfood and ingredient shelf-life performance
  • Non-GMO and other specialty products available upon request

The VERDILOX Formulation

VERDILOX offers category-leading value through improved supply chain sustainability and shelf-life performance. Through our Specialty Crop Improvement Division we combine our plant selection and crop improvement knowledge with our innovative research to optimize the sourcing and pricing reliability. VERDILOX contains ingredients that are purposely grown with sustainability in mind.

Add VERDILOX to the Mix

In today’s business climate it is easy to offer imitation products, but real partnerships rely on the development of innovative solutions that meet your changing needs. Only Kemin can provide you with a broad range of proven solutions for utilizing natural antioxidants throughout the entire pet food manufacturing process. That’s why leading petfood manufacturers, ingredient suppliers and renderers turn to Kemin for natural antioxidant products like VERDILOX.

Contact your Kemin Sales Representative today to learn how VERDILOX can provide natural shelf-life stability to meet the growing consumer demand for premium and natural pet foods and pet treats. And, let us show you how our Customer Laboratory Services and our Product Application Department can provide added-value service to help you achieve your needs.

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