Valena™ - Nutritional Supplement for Healthy Plant Growth

What is Valena?  Nutritional supplement, plant growth, healthy plant, vigor, plant quality, nutritional program

Valena is a nutritional supplement technology with the ability to enhance plant growth. It is created from a sustainable proprietary strain of E. gracilis algae containing a high level of carbohydrates and protein. Valena's dry granule form is intended for easy use as a top dress to go along with standard irrigation, or an ingredient incorporated into the soil.

Key Features & Benefits

• Sustainable material: Euglena gracilis algae grown in-house from pure cultures under controlled environmental conditions

• Contains a high nutrient level: ≥50% carbohydrate and ≥ 20% protein.

• Designed to benefit all types of plants, even food crops.

Nutritional supplement, plant growth, healthy plant, vigor, pant quality, nutritional program Helps enhance plant growth

Shoot height, plant growth, enhance, healthy plant, thriving plant, vigorous plant

Helps increase shoot elongation

Thriving, plants, vigor, vigorous, nutrient, healthy, plant, nutrition, biostimulant,

Helps increase plant vigor and quality

nutrient uptake

Shown to facilitate nutrient uptake


Designed to fit into any nutritional program

For whom?

•For professional horticulturists in need of a sustainable and innovative technology to add to their nutritional program,

•For growing media manufacturers seeking a first-class ingredient to include in all-purpose professional mixes.

Data - Greenhouse Plug Trial

Our greenhouse plug trial on annual Vinca plants showed that after one single top dress application of Valena at 1.5 g/L, followed by standard irrigation, the plug dry weight increased by +63% compared to an untreated plug. Dry weight measurement is an indicator of a healthy growing plant.



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