Botanical treatment for two spotted spider mites

  • Botanical treatment for two spotted spider mites
  • Complex molecular components in the active ingredient for slower resistance development
  • Reduces your IPM costs and synthetic chemical usage

Will spider mites develop a resistance to TetraCURB?

Nearly all plants are susceptible to mites, which means you need a controlled and tight pest management plan. Our proprietary clonal line of rosemary offers multiple modes of action — meaning mites are less likely to develop resistance as quickly. TetraCURB also includes a 50% active ingredient, in concentrate. Kemin’s vertically integrated system — from breeding to extraction and final formula ensures the quality and efficacy of our solution.

How is TetraCURB innovative, considering rosemary essential oil has been available for decades?

Our proprietary line of rosemary has component consistency, providing a more focused blend of oil while TetraCURB’s unique formulation incorporates a calculated surfactant for more uniform spreading on plant surfaces in order to maximize product efficiency and minimize phytotoxicity. At Kemin we understand that mother nature can make much more complex molecules than man can make in a steel reactor.

How does TetraCURB augment my existing IPM and beneficials program?

TetraCURB reduces your synthetic usage by integrating with your IPM program. As a grower, many times you are faced with unmanageable mite pressure. TetraCURB’s integrative chemistry allows you to control mite populations while staying within regulated, labeled guidelines for other pesticidal applications. Working with beneficials? We can help develop a program based on your program needs.



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