North America Rosamox Oil Preservation

Efficacy of Rosamox In Various Oils

The antioxidant power of Rosamox was tested against Vitamin E acetate and BHT by measuring the Oxidative Stability Index (OSI) in different oils, from which the Protection Factor (PF)- the indicator of the antioxidant efficacy - of Rosamox for each oil was calculated.

PF = Induction Time (treated sample)/Induction Time (untreated control)


Oxidative Stability Index Results On Various Oil Tested At 120°C With Rosamox vs. Vitamin E Acetate

Oxidative stability index results

Rosamox shows a concentration dependent increase in protection factor making it an efficacious alternative to vitamin E and BHT.

Kemin employee working in the lab

Performing an OSI study in a Kemin laboratory


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