Solution to Greenhouse Algae

Greenhouse growers face many challenges as they strive to supply businesses and consumers with healthy plants. Maintaining a clean greenhouse facility is instrumental in maintaining a safe environment for workers and plants. Enclosed greenhouses provide a perfect environment for the rapid propagation of algae. As a result, they are covered with algae stains that can require continuous management to keep aisles, walkways, and benches clean and safe.

As an innovator in plant science with multiple greenhouses, we understand how important safety is to your operation. This led to the development of a safe, EFFECTIVE solution to help you clean stains caused by algae.

A Clean Breakthrough Technology

Quantavene 500 Concentrate, developed by Kemin Industries (patent pending), is an organic acid based product for the removal of algae stains in commercial greenhouses. This highly-effective, safe solution is made from a non-corrosive combination of organic acids and copper propionate. Best of all, there is no restricted-entry interval. After an initial algae stain removal program, only a monthly application is required to maintain a clean facility year round. This means your employees can focus on what is really important to your business - healthy crops.

Benefits of Quantavene 500 Concentrate:

  • Labor savings — Algae stains are a financial burden for growers to continuously manage.
    Your employees will have more time to tend to the many other horticultural needs of your operation. Plus, you can improve inventory management as Quantavene 500 Concentrate can replace multiple products.
  • Operational efficacy — This innovative, highly-efficacious liquid offers application flexibility and cost-effective control.
    Increase your general sanitation for plants and greenhouse facilities! Quantavene 500 Concentrate is applied to run-off at specified dilution rates and can achieve complete, even coverage of floors, walls, capillary matting, and cooling pads.
  • Worker safety — Excessive algae stains on walkways and floors can be a hazard for your workers if they slip and fall.
    With Quantavene 500 Concentrate, there is no restricted-entry interval (REI), so you’ll be able to minimize safety issues.

Application rate:

Apply Quantavene 500 Concentrate at a rate of 20:1, 30:1, or 60:1 dilution, beginning with a stain removal program of 2-3 weekly applications followed by a routine monthly application.  


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