PREVION™ for Natural Pet Treat Preservation

The pet treat segment is experiencing tremendous growth in nearly every petfood market around the world. Pet owners are increasingly pampering their dogs and cats by indulging them with natural pet treats that offer healthy and wholesome characteristics. One specific aspect of this trend is that consumers are desiring to move away from synthetic additives and demanding natural alternatives. Therefore, pet treat manufacturers are looking to replace synthetic additives with a natural pet treat preservation solution.

Pet owners are increasingly pampering their dogs and cats by indulging them with natural treats that offer healthy and wholesome characteristics.

Natural Ingredients for Pet Treat Preservation

Pet treats can be produced in a wide variety of product forms, many of which are at an elevated microbial risk due to their high moisture content and potentially elevated water activity. Treats such as soft-moist treats, jerky treats, meat snacks, raw treats and other high moisture treat forms are at particular risk. Effective microbial shelf-life preservation is a critical factor in the long-term market success of many types of pet treats. It is possible to manage microbial risks through a number of intervention steps, including proper hygiene or sanitation, packaging methods, and implementation of microbial preservative technologies. Historically, however, there have been limited options for replacing synthetic ingredients with natural ingredients in order to address mold inhibition and microbial preservation in pet treats.

PREVION for Natural Mold Inhibition in Pet Treats

PREVION was developed to provide petfood manufacturers an effective, natural alternative to synthetic preservatives intended for extending the shelf-life of pet treats. As an innovative water-soluble combination of buffered vinegar and citric acid in a powder form, PREVION can be incorporated into brines, marinades, dry ingredient blends or directly into meats. Buffering improves product handling and minimizes corrosivity of ingredients. Most importantly, it does not negatively impact the palatability of pet treats and assists in maintaining consistent flavor profiles with each treat.

Benefits of PREVION

How does PREVION differ from other pet treat preservatives?

Not all natural preservatives are created equal. Replacing synthetic additives in pet treats with PREVION is the only way to:

  • Provide natural, buffered ingredients that deliver safe handling and reduced corrosivity
  • Maintain the quality of pet treats
  • Provide natural options for pet treat preservation
  • Meet standards of consumer friendly labels
  • Maintain palatability of pet treats
  • Provide effective shelf-life extension for lasting freshness

Kemin is Your Partner for Microbial Freshness Protection in Pet Treats

The Kemin Technical Support and Customer Laboratory Service (CLS) teams are your microbial freshness protection partners throughout the entire pet treat manufacturing process. Our experienced team is available to provide technical advice and laboratory testing support in order to provide optimum natural mold control for your pet treats. Kemin assures the freshness of your pet treats—giving pet owners peace of mind in providing their companion animals with pet treats that are safe, fresh, natural and delicious.

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