a blend of aqueous formaldehyde and organic acids, is a key part of a comprehensive pathogen control program to maintain feed biosecurity.

Maintail Feed Biosecurity

Sal CURB®, a blend of aqueous formaldehyde and organic acids, is a key part of a comprehensive pathogen control program to maintain feed biosecurity. Sal CURB is an antimicrobial agent used to maintain complete animal feeds or feed ingredients Salmonella-negative for up to 21 days.

Maintain Feed Salmonella-Negative For Up To 21 Days

Conscientious manufacturers of feeds and feed ingredients have an objective to make products that are free of pathogens. Effective pathogen control programs are implemented to significantly reduce and control the incidence of pathogens in all facets of feed or feed ingredient production.

Protect The Food Chain Supply

Comprehensive feed pathogen control programs are essential to maintaining a safe food chain supply and can involve:

  • Plant sanitation practices for the site and equipment
  • Effective testing programs
  • Pest elimination
  • Dust and air controls
  • Moisture minimization
  • Process controls for the manufacturing equipment

To review a fact sheet considering the necessary steps in developing a robust biosecurity plan, click here.

Proven Safe

Safe application of Sal CURB includes safety for employees and the environment. Kemin uses a team of engineers to design, manufacture and install application systems specifically for each application. This system increases the safety and efficacy of the product, while minimizing impacts on the feed or feed ingredients.

Proven Effective

Efficacious use of Sal CURB starts with application. Kemin engineers work with producers to determine the proper location and method of application. This allows for the most efficient distribution of Sal CURB to feed or feed ingredients. In Table 1, pelleted feed treated with Sal CURB was contaminated with Salmonella seven days post treatment. The treatment of Sal CURB at 6.5 pounds per ton was able to maintain the Salmonella-negative status of the feed.

Table 1. Resistance of Sal CURB treated feed to Salmonella challenge1 

  Salmonella Challenge
Treatment Pre Inoculation Post Inoculation
0.0 lb per ton Sal CURB Negative Positive
6.5 lb per ton Sal CURB Negative Negative

 *Inoculated with 104 dilution of Salmonella enteritidis culture, for a final concentration in the feed of 102.

Proven Accurate

Accurate application of Sal CURB allows treatment to be a critical point in comprehensive pathogen reduction programs. Extra-SURE application and reporting system applies the correct amount each time and reports the application to verify accuracy. Extra-SURE monitors Sal CURB in two ways

  1. Sal CURB is applied by a positive displacement pump monitored electronically
  2. Sal CURB amounts applied are verified through a weight detection system on the storage tank

Commitment To Quality And Food Safety 

Since earning the prestigious Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) recognition at its Des Moines, Iowa, manufacturing facility in February 2013, Kemin Industries remains a leader in the production of safe, quality ingredients. The recognition reinforced the company's investment in human and financial capital to enhance existing conditions and processes, verifying its products are safe, efficient and effective until they reach the end consumer. Kemin has the FSSC 2200:2013 certification, recognized by GFSI, which is accepted by food manufacturers worldwide.


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