NATUROX® - Natural* Antioxidants for Pet Food Formulations

Natural Antioxidants in Pet Food Diets

Petfood premiumization continues to be an important aspect to the growth of the global petfood market. As a supplier of pet food antioxidants, we see the consumer demand for natural, healthier pet foods and treats continue to rise as more and more pet owners consider their animals to be part of the family.

Consumers Believe Natural Pet Food Ingredients Equate to:

  • Superior Nutritional Value
  • Overall Better Quality
  • Improved Product Freshness

As consumers demand more label-friendly products, synthetic ingredients and chemical preservatives are increasingly being replaced with natural alternatives to maintain the very best nutrition for pets. Preventing oxidative rancidity with natural antioxidants in petfood formulations is vital to maintaining the nutritional quality and palatability of petfoods and rendered ingredients. As retailers require a longer and longer shelf-life, petfood ingredient manufacturers, suppliers and renderers are presented with both challenges and opportunities for maintaining the freshness of petfoods.

The Challenge: Reconsidering the use of synthetic ingredients and chemical preservatives that have been used in pet foods for decades.

The Opportunity: Replacing those products with natural pet food ingredients to extend shelf-life, maintain the very best nutrition in pet food diets and meet consumer demands. Kemin has successfully partnered with petfood manufacturers, ingredient suppliers and renderers for more than 30 years to address these challenges and to effectively utilize natural antioxidants to extend the shelf-life of pet food. Through hard work, dedication and partnerships, Kemin has established itself as the industry leader in manufacturing petfood antioxidants and developing innovative pet food stabilization solutions.

NATUROX Antioxidants for Natural Petfood Formulations

Kemin's global market leading NATUROX antioxidant system offers a complete line of natural liquid and dry products. Our unique formulation features a synergistic blend of natural mixed-tocopherols for superior free radical absorption, along with emulsifiers and chelators for complete protection against autoxidation. That’s why NATUROX is a must-have among petfood manufacturers, ingredient suppliers and renderers who are moving away from using synthetic ingredients and chemical preservatives.

NATUROX products may also be formulated with enriched levels of delta-tocopherol for superior antioxidant performance. Delta-tocopherol is the most effective tocopherol homologue, has better carry through during extrusion and drying processes, and provides the greatest long-term product shelf-life. The NATUROX system has a proven track record of stabilizing a wide variety of raw materials and pet food products for renderers and manufacturers.

Keys to Using Natural Antioxidants in Pet Foods:

  • Understanding the impact of manufacturing processes
  • Auditing and monitoring the entire supply chain to assure quality
  • Selecting the right antioxidant, based on product composition
  • Verifying proper antioxidant application system
  • Ensuring adequate residual antioxidant levels in the finished pet food diet

NATUROX Offers Plant-Based Protection for Rendering and Petfood Stability

The natural mixed-tocopherols found in NATUROX are also present in virtually all vegetable oils, whole grains, seeds and legumes. These tocopherols are a part of nature's defense system to naturally prevent oxidative damage to the polyunsaturated fats found in plants. NATUROX products include mixed-tocopherol ingredients to provide this same excellent natural protection to the unsaturated fats found in premium quality pet food diets.

Benefits of NATUROX

The NATUROX Advantage

Not all antioxidants in pet food formulations labeled as “natural” are created equal. The NATUROX antioxidant system of dry and liquid products is formulated with:

  • A synergistic blend of natural mixed-tocopherols for superior free radical absorption.
  • NATUROX contains enriched delta tocopherol levels – the most effective tocopherol for stabilization.
  • Tocopherol antioxidant activity ranking: Delta > Gamma > Beta > Alpha
  • A natural chelator – lecithin – that helps to prevent the formation of free radicals that start the autoxidation process.
  • Lecithin also acts as a natural surfactant in liquid NATUROX products to facilitate the dispersion of the antioxidant molecules through the substrate being treated.
  • NATUROX product line contains numerous formulations to meet a wide range of performance needs
  • Restricted Country of Origin, Non-GMO, Organic compliant and other specialty products are available.

Add NATUROX From Kemin To The Mix

The consumer demand for natural, healthier pet foods, pet treats and supplements isn’t a trend—but is clearly here to stay. Are you currently looking to replace synthetic ingredients and chemical preservatives with natural alternatives? Contact Kemin, the leading supplier of pet food antioxidants, today and see how the NATUROX antioxidant system can bring stability and longer shelf-life to your raw materials and pet food products. Let us show you how our Customer Laboratory Services and our Product Application Department can provide added-value service to help you achieve your needs.

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