North America Lysofix Active Delivery Technology

Lysofix gently enhances the delivery of actives across the stratum corneum

The unique structure of Lysofix - with its hydrophilic head of the lysophospholipid - helps enhance skin permeation of hydrophilic  active compounds by improving their fluidity into the lipid-rich intercellular space of the skin, allowing a gentle transepidermal delivery of actives within the skin.

Tested on tissue culture barrier, Lysofix is able to successfully deliver: CoQ10, caffeine, β-arbutin and niacinamide across  skin, being an effective permeation enhancer in cosmetic formulations.


Gentle Transepidermal Route used to deliver hydrophilic actives

Efficient transepidermal delivery with Lysofix illustration


Kemin employee in a lab

A Kemin employee studies the skin permeation at the automated
franz diffusion cell system that looks at 7 test materials in parallel
at different time points automatically.


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