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Maintaining gut health in swine is paramount to raising top performing pigs. Kemin offers a comprehensive platform of industry leading solutions impacting key areas of gut health. Ultimately, this helps improve the vitality and performance of your pigs. 



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Leading encapsulated source of butyric acid and calcium providing targeted delivery along the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. Butyric acid is an integral, short-chain fatty acid acting as an energy source for epithelial cells. Butyric acid supports gut health through the development of the intestinal epithelial cells. Butyric acid supports gut health through development of the intestinal epithelium. It upregulates the expression of tight junction proteins1 in the intestines and increases antioxidant levels to promote healing in the GI tract.2 

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The company's proprietary MicroPEARLS® spray freezing technology encapsulates two synergistic nutrients, butyric acid and zinc oxide. Butyric acid and zinc play an important role in key biological processes affecting the health and performance of production animals. Zinc plays a pivotal role in many key biological processes, increases microbial diversity3 and upregulates tight junction proteins4 in intestines.

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CLOSTAT® contains a proprietary, patented strain of Bacillus subtilis, PB6. PB6 is a unique, naturally occurring spore-forming microorganism. Kemin has identified and selected PB6 as an active substance that helps maintain the balance of microflora in the intestinal tract of livestock. 

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designed for broad spectrum control of bacteria in livestock and poultry drinking water.

KEM SAN® is a unique combination of the most effective organic acids balanced by the individual pKa's over an optimal pH range. KEM SAN has been proven to inhibit and kill a broad spectrum of pathogenic bacteria in drinking water. By reducing the pathogen load in the water, there is less challenge presented to the animal in the GI tract, which helps maintain gut health.

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KEM-GEST™ is a blend of organic and inorganic acids designed to provide an economical means to acidify swine feed. This multi-acid approach helps protect a pig's gastrointestinal tract from growth limiting pathogens. Inhibition of pathogens promotes better gut health and production efficiency.

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