With over 50 years of research and experience in the animal feed industry, Kemin has identified some antioxidants that are more eficacious in various types of processes and products than others. With this knowledge, Kemin instituted specific blends of antioxidants and chelators (to control free radical formation) to meet the quality demands of specific feeds and feed ingredients.

Antioxidant activity is a contact sport. In order to control oxidation, it is essential to ensure a homogenous distribution antioxidant activity in the feed matrix. Conventional antioxidants are often simple, dry mixtures containing crystals of the antioxidants and carriers. ENDOX® uses a proprietary manufacturing process to apply active antioxidants to the surface of a dry carrier. This allows nearly every particle to be covered with an active antioxidant mixture and allows for the homogeneous distribution of the anitoxidants in the feed or feed ingredient.

Kemin Dry Antioxidant Systems

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